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Planned Levels

There will be at least 10 levels, covering various terrain types, including:

Desert terrain


Snowy Mountains


Swamp lands

Arid Badlands

Rocky cliffs

Mountain Valleys

Alpha Levels

Outpost Alpha

One if not the oldest map currently in M.A.V. it is the only map that has repair sheds in the Siege game type.

Giant Leap

The smallest map in the game, this is actually part of a much larger area but the rest of it is currently cut due to rendering limitations. It is the most detailed map in the game currently.

Crater Arena

One of the most popular maps for Arena this map is set up with a bunch of repair sheds ringing the battle area which dips down into a crater with a splattering of rocks.

New Amazon

One of the most infamous maps due to the high number of things having to be rendered on two screens at once. It has the most close range centered design with lots of impassable terrain for most chassis types and lots of winding paths. If you play on this map bring only one weapon group as the game pauses for a second when you switch groups.

No Mans Pass

Besides New Amazon this is one of the largest maps currently in the game. Gameplay takes place in a small corner of the actual playing area there are wide sections of maps with repair sheds in them that never see combat. This map has the same number of repair sheds or greater than Crater Arena.

Blind Alley

The only map that uses dynamic weather though it is currently always turned on in the form of a sandstorm. It also features the only Siege gameplay where both teams can see each other and the opponents base from their spawn.

Outpost Alpha v2

This map was created from a kickstarter reward and was made in homage to a well known Box Canyon map from another videogame franchise. It is the first map to feature any form of liquid water.

No Mans Pass v2

The first map with a full story behind it's location, this map features a wide verity of key landmark features that separate it from all other maps to date.

Final Levels

Removed Levels

This can include full maps or versions of maps that differ so much from their final version that they can be thought of as a different map.

No Mans Pass v2 v1 This map was extremely large and had the distinct feature of being the first map to be set with night / dusk timezone. It was shortly replaced after it was deemed too large.

No Mans Pass v2 v2 From the largest map to what felt like the smallest this version felt mostly like an Arena map than something for Siege. It had a wide variety of locations in the cramped space for combat and felt a lot tighter. It was deemed too small by the community and was replaced by the current No Mans Pass v2 that we have today.