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Official Lore

Then on October 7th, 2053 large comet impact with Jupiter's moon Europa causes the release of large amount of Nitrogen and water vapor into a newly forming atmosphere. This event quickly elevates the moon into a suitable target for human colonization.

The drive for setting up a permanent presence on the Europa is further driven by the asteroid mining that is taking place in the solar system. A presence on Europa, with its vast resources and ample supply of water, would provide an ideal 'inter-planetary' gas station for getting raw materials back to the growing population of Earth.

With the possibilities of vast sums of money to be made, and the allure of controlling the new resource, a new 'Gold Rush' mentality develops among the nations on Earth. Many nations quickly setup programs to make the journey to the new world, but required willing volunteers to do the actual mining. To recruit these volunteers, they presented this as a great opportunity to be a part of history and gain valuable riches for their families. The standard offer to a volunteer was to offer a deal in which the nation would pay for your journey and equipment (basic mining vehicle, small house, and rations) and you would work for the nation to pay that debt off, plus 3 times the cost. This was told so the nation could continue to send new volunteers over and to cover the cost of returning the mined goods to Earth. After the debt was paid off, you would be offered a very comfortable salary to continue mining for the nation.

With the reported amount of riches, most miners would be able to pay their debt off in less than a year, and then would be able to make 20 - 50 times the salary they could have earned on Earth. Many people saw the great opportunity this presented and volunteered.

Since the journey is long and very expensive, special modular mining machines where developed and given to the settlers, so they could mine the most variety of materials without any additional equipment. Once materials are mined, giant rail guns are then used to launch the mined materials into orbit, where they are collected and shipped back to earth.

For awhile, everything worked as planned. Slowly, the nations of earth began demanding more from the settlers. They started moving in military forces to help enforce their quota's and prevent anyone from trying to leave. The entire moon started to evolve into a forced labor camp, with the nations never releasing any of the volunteers from their contracts.

On April 22nd, 2078 the colony erupts in revolution. This is where M.A.V. begins.

Official Short Stories

In order of release:

Welcome to the Revolution
A Piece of Heaven
Evening News
The Epitome of Waste
The Captain and the Rebel
Genesis of a Rebellion
Will I Dream of Him?

Fan Lore

Glacier Senpai
It defies explanation, it just is.

Fan Memes

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