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Do you like Mmmmmmm banana's
Due to a youtube video being passed around during one Friday Night Fight this wandered around the community until a camo pattern involving Banana's took one of the top 3 places in a Design Camo Contest and was added to the game.
Glacier Senpai
It started out as a joke, however it grew into something more and actually had it's likeness snuck into the winning submission for the first T-Shirt design contest. Most people might miss it, but we all know.
Jaws Theme
The anthem of wheelies, it is generally played / sung while sneaking up on an enemy MAV in a shotgun wheelie right before a point blank shotgun blast into the vital areas of an unexpected MAV.
Because of it's easy to identify theme most players who participate in Friday Night Fights will instinctively check the map / look around to hopefully defend themselves from the high damage of 4 HD shotguns at point blank range.
Ladybug Camo
A player named Assassin987256564 was constantly harassed by a ladybug infestation while playing with us during Friday Night Fights. Because of this players started donning dot camo with a red background and black dots when fighting against him.
What about Second Update?
This is a reference to the movie Lord of the Rings where Pippin asks about breakfast. It was converted from breakfast to update as a way of teasing Cyber with "Yes we've got one update, but how about another one?"
This originated on Chromehounds but has been a fan favorite to recreate. In essence it is a humanoid shaped MAV that appears to be holding a box of pizza as it tries to deliver death and destruction to all those around it.