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What is a Role Type?

Role Types are game and player defined categories that each build falls into. The idea behind them is to easily identify their strengths and use in battle. An example would be a sniper would be good at long range combat.

Please note that role types shouldn't restrict your building freedom but instead are just a simple classification or a means to focus your builds to do what you want. Also a single MAV can also fit into multiple role types such as a Heavy Gunner / Scout that uses howitzers or rocket pods on a wheel chassis to provide both area denial and info gathering.


Attacker (ATK)

The offensive backbone of a MAV squadron, they typically utilize a balance of mobility, durability, and firepower to get into the front lines of battle. If you like to jump feet first into action you'll like playing as an Attacker.

For your chassis attackers are often seen on Bipeds or Quads[?] for their sturdy build and fast acceleration and above average top speed. Sometimes people also run them with wheels for the quicker movement allowing them to flank easier or reverse joints for the better handling of cannons. Besides cannons Attackers also gave good synergy with most medium and small caliber weaponry. Shotguns pack a punch in close ranged engagements while machine guns and assault rifles can lay down a constant stream of fire that can overwhelm your opponents.

Related Items

  • Color : Orange
  • Symbol : Unknown[?]


  • try building light and fast so you can stay relevant in battle as it shifts over the map.
  • learn to stutter step if your chassis has a high acceleration, suddenly stopping or moving forward / backwards can do more for your survivability compared to armoring up.
  • as some of the main front line units map awareness is key.

Sniper (SNP)

Reach out and touche somebody, snipers are designed to provide offensive support by picking off key targets from a distance. Though they are not generally able to take much punishment in return this fact is negated by being far removed from the battlefield. Those who will enjoy playing a sniper are those with patience, map knowledge, and are dirty opportunists. There is no such thing as kill stealing in a team based game, nor anything more pleasurable than taking that perfect shot to strip or destroy your opponent's MAV from across the battlefield.

Parts that have good synergy with Snipers is of course the lovely long range sniper rifles and sniper cannons along with the powerful rail guns. Besides these bread and butter weapons some cannons and other close range weapons won't go amiss for defending yourself at close range. To support these high recoil weapons you'll want a chassis with high stability such as Hexagons for your ultimate sniper platform that can reach high places with their higher climbing abilities. For something more mobile Reverse Joints and Quads[?] can also work well for you.

Related Items

  • Color : Purple
  • Symbol : Unknown[?]


  • When possible try using the third person camera to look over hills instead of poking up. You'll be able to see enemy movement in a lot of cases without exposing your location.
  • Try to move between shots, if you stand still while reloading you'll be an easy target for counter sniing.
  • With your long view range you can act as a long range scout depending on the map, just climb a hill that offers am good vantage point and you'll have a wide breath of viewable area.
  • Prioritize parts since most fights will generally move away from your line of sight. If there are weak weapon clusters try aiming for those to take them out or the chassis to slow them down.
  • If you have to fight in close combat try having a nonsniper weapon group, also fighting in third person makes it slightly easier to defend yourself.

Defender (DEF)

Built like tanks and powerful at close range, they are often employed as escorts for the more vulnerable members of the squad such as heavy gunners and tactical commanders. Those who enjoy playing Defenders enjoy dishing out damage as much as they enjoy taking it and not even caring. Those who like to hulk it up with massive hit point pools, armor plates everywhere, and any weapon that packs a punch and is durable will enjoy this role type. Unlike Scouts or Attackers a Defender walks into battle and becomes center stage with massive firepower compared to anything else that exists on the front lines.

Treads have a high synergy with Defenders since they are extremely durable and have an increased weight load though bipeds can also be used to great effect. You may be tempted to use hexapods for their extremely high weight limits but they are too fragile without spending a lot of resources to armor them up. For weapons pick durable or those that pack a punch and you can armor them up.

Related Items

  • Color : Blue
  • Symbol : Unknown[?]


  • focus armor placement to the front and at least one side so you can angle either at incoming fire to spread the damage.
  • if you can try to split your weapon clusters across several connection points. This way you can't lose everything from one destruction.
  • high impact weapons are great like cannons and shotguns but they work best when paired with a faster firing weapon like rocket pods or assault rifles to minimize downtime.
  • the slower your chassis the more likely you'll want at least one weapon group with longer range reach so you can deal with kiting better.
  • it's a good idea to bring a deployable or two. The wall one is great for dodging large salvos if times correctly. The turret ones allow you to take at least one round of fire off you and can potentially add a ton of damage. And finally a repair shed can top you off after an engagement as most of your incoming damage should be absorbed by high durability parts.

Scout (SCT)

Quick and nimble, scouts are built to perform reconnaissance of enemy territory and harass enemy positions with hit and run attacks.

Related Items

  • Color : Yellow
  • Symbol : Unknown[?]


  • if your team has a Commander then it is a good idea to equip an uplink deployment system as your faster speed will enable you to extend the network area early for better map coverage.
  • try to stay unseen and attack from the side. A distracted enemy is an easier to destroy enemy. If they turn their attention to you then they're an easier target for your team.
  • pick your weapons based on your playstyle, shotguns and flamers for close up harassers, snipers or machineguns for poking and prodding.
  • never drive in a straight line when there is even a chance of being shot at. A good sniper will destroy your chassis if you let them lead you.
  • Never sing or play the jaws theme when you are trying to sneak up on someone. They have been conditioned.

Support (SUP)

Focusing on non-direct combat methods the Support role type encompasses a wide role of defensive and offensive armaments. Offensively it uses powerful explosive weaponry such as Howitzers and Rocket Packs to blanket enemy positions or bases with long range artillery fire. Defensively they could focus on base defense by creating defensive walls, turrets, and repair sheds.

No matter how you build it, the Support Role Type truly shines when working in a team with other role types. Scouts and Attackers provide great spotters for zeroing in your artillery barrages while more fragile Snipers and Commanders can take shelter in your fortified outposts.

Related Items

  • Color : Green
  • Symbol : Unknown[?]


  • Keep note of the range number you shoot at so you can correct your aim in a more controlled manner.
  • Stagger your attacks as a constant stream of fire has a higher chance of damage and will make it harder for your opponent to aim properly through the constant impacts.
  • It is best to try and aim at your opponents chassis or the ground next to them as splash damage can still effect them if you miss.
  • Coordinating with team mates allows you to participate in fights in a much larger area of the map by allowing you to more effectively fire without having line of sight.
  • Repair sheds and Walls can be used by enemy MAVs, be mindful of where you place them as they could be used against you.
  • When placing turrets make sure they have a wide area that they can cover, it'll be no use to you if they're on the wrong side of a hill to where all the fighting is.

Engineer (ENG)

The mind of a squadron, with help from scouts and attackers to expand their NA range by deploying up-links they can see the battlefield in a unique perspective. Doing so enables them to coordinate the squad's efforts into an efficient collective war machine. Backing up the team expands beyond map awareness of a classical Tactical Commander with the inclusion of deployment systems. This expands the Engineer role-type to an even stronger support setup with the inclusion of walls, turrets, repair sheds, and uplinks.

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  • Color : Red
  • Symbol : Unknown[?]