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An Xbox 360 game that is the spiritual predecessor of M.A.V.
The name of the Mechs from the game Chromehounds, this term might be mistakenly used in place of MAV by those who used to play Chromehounds.
Modular Assault Vehicle. This also doubles as the name of the game.
Role Type
These are used to describe a MAV's play style. Examples include how a Sniper specializes in long range attacks while a scout is more optimized for harassment and intelligence gathering.
Role Type
Attacker RT (formerly known as Soldier in Chromehounds)
Scout RT
Sniper RT
Defender RT
Support RT (formerly known as Heavy Gunner in Chromehounds)
Engineer RT
Commander RT (present in early versions of MAV; superseded by the Engineer RT, Engineer builds that lack building capabilities are sometimes still referred to as Commanders. )

In-Game Terminology

Base Dialing
This is the act of going to a specific location, and firing non-direct weapons such as howitzers or rocket pods at a predetermined angle and range in order to destroy an opponents base. It is generally frowned upon by the community as a form of bad sportsmanship, but efforts are being taken to either reduce the viability of this tactic, or make it require more skill to pull off successfully.
A technique used with non-line-of-sight weapons such as Howitzers and Rockets to be able to accurately hit specific points on the map. It normally involves a friendly spotter and trial and error firing of the weapons in question.
Network Area
The circle surrounding a MAV with a commander system equipped on the map. This area can be extended with the circles that Network Uplinks produce from the Uplink Deployment Systems.

Build Specifics

Modular Assault Vehicles are weaponized MMVs that are piloted in the game.
Modular Mining Vehicle, these are the predecessors to the MAVs that we pilot in the game.
A spine is the series of parts between the cockpit and the chassis, acting as a 'weak link' due to the Part Dependency system.
Spine Build
A MAV build that uses one or more parts to connect the cockpit to the chassis. Commonly this is done through spacers and generators to place the cockpit behind the chassis or otherwise achieve a lower profile.
Hidden / Closed Cockpit
Distinct from a Spine Build, this is a MAV build that still has its chassis attached directly to the chassis, but built to conceal the cockpit behind other parts.

Commonly achieved through the use of spacers or generators to place weapons or armor in front of the cockpit.

Thermal Neutral
A build that has canceled out the ambient heat of its parts through the use of radiators, such builds are as cold as the terrain around them.

This carries a potential advantage of being very difficult to spot with thermal vision.

Common Build Variations

A build that uses a generator and spacers to place weapons in front of your cockpit that is placed directly on the chassis. The "Japanese Gator" connects on the top of the cockpit while the standard one connects on the left or right.
The cockpit is placed off a spacer and generator and has half the weapons on the side of the cockpit and half on the original spacer that is placed on the chassis.
Behemoth / Short Bus
A massive number of rocket pods on a traditionally tread chassis. The goal is max spam with 16 or more rocket pods at once.
A build where the cockpit is hidden behind the chassis while the weapons create a stick going up. Traditionally with inverse or biped chassis and uses 3~4 grenade launchers making the "neck" and then 4 assault rifles to make the "head" above the "neck".
A build that generally consists of using spacers from the chassis to hide the cockpit behind the chassis, while keeping all other attachments, such as weapons, sticking out to the sides. Commonly done on treads due to the extremely low profile.


Glacier Senpai
A phenomenon that started as a joke but has gained traction in the community and is unofficially part of the game's lore. (but only to the sillier players)
A phenomenon due to bugs in the code that cause a duplicate of your MAV to do exactly what you do and may or may not be only visible through gun cameras. It also possesses the M.A.V. code base causing weird things to happen just to mess with CyberDogs7.
Or Riot
Approximate amount of time in which a majority of the desired features are due.