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Owner of Rak Sal Industries.

Rak Sal Industries has been hosting 24/7 M.A.V. servers since early 2014 and hosts a 24/7 teamspeak server and the first M.A.V. Fansite.


Here is a list of projects relating to M.A.V. that I've been a part of.

M.A.V. Overviews

I started this series with a quick tutorial on building a MAV during the kickstarter update cycle where all the new players who joined M.A.V. through its kickstarter campaign got access to the game.

From there I've made several videos about the different role-types and their strengths and weaknesses. I've also tried making video's on different parts of the game such as how recoil works and open vs closed cockpit designs.


I've been a part of the M.A.V. podcasts with Restful, Legacy, and Cyber. Sadly they are fairly content based so we tend to have to wait long periods of time to have enough content but it's always fun to do and gives the community a nice insight into what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen.

Custom Server - Iceberg

In preparation for the Server API to be released I've slowly been working on the backbones of a Custom Server written in Java (because I'm use to it) that will hopefully integrate with the M.A.V. servers and offer more flexibility and support for server hosts.

The main goals of Iceberg are...

  • Support multiple game servers at once so all the controls and settings can be locked down to one program
  • Modular Design to support the theme of the game where you can add or remove features along with creating features on your own for easier server modding.
  • Remote controls through a web interface so you can login to ServerIP/admin through a web browser and restart, change bot count, round time, kick players, etc from anywhere.
  • Make Cybers life easier through taking our server related nagging off his back like "plox add the ability to chat from the server to the players."

Server Hosting

I'm currently the only 24/7 host of Arena and Siege servers on M.A.V. that are located in the East US area. I've been running them since Summer of 2014 when I started it with a server hosted on dotblock and finally transitioned to a custom built server.

At the moment I have 3 servers running, they are generally 1 arena, 1 siege, and 1 arena or siege server with bots.

I'm also hosting a 32 person Teamspeak server where players can organize matches and hang out.

Makin Beef Jerky

Welcome to a secret page on how to make beef jerky easy!

Step 1 : Grab some Top Eye Round Roast

It has nice long strings of muscle and a very easy to cut off hunk of fat. Also it is fairly cheap in my area at only $5ish dollars a pound instead of $8~$12 a pound for Flank Steak.

Step 2 : Freeze that hunk of meat

Stick it in the freezer for a few hours so that the meat hardens up, it'll be x97 easier to cut when it's semi solid. Don't completely freeze it as you want to cut the thing up, just firm it up.

Step 3 : Prep

Grab a nice sharp knife of at least 8" long, that way you can get nice long cuts out of each slice. Now it's time to take off that extra fat as fat doesn't preserve well by jerking and will cause the meat to spoil faster, we don't have to worry about marbling. Just getting the layer of fat off.

Personally I find it easier to start it and to slowly pull the fat away from the meat while slicing along the split. If the thing is too frozen then you'll be just cutting chunks out of the fat and not "skinning" it off.

Here's a good visual of what I'm talking about

Step 4 : Cutting

I've found it easier to cut the meat into smaller portions but however you want to cut it down works, the main advice is to cut along the grain so the longer fibers hold the jerky together for a better chew. I've cut them as big wide thin slices, cube like strips, etc.

My favorite currently is something like half an inch thick, about an inch to an inch and a half wide, and half the length of the roast long so about 3~4 inches. Remember that dehydrating will decrease the size so cut larger than what you want and after you do it a few times you'll find your favorite type of cut, experiment!

Just be mindful to not make it too large, you want to dehydrate it in an evenlyish fashion.

Step 5 : Marinating

You must use a salt water solution (brine) to soak the meat in. I'll be calling it a marinade but I want you to know that salt is an important part of the process.

My standard base is Soy Sauce, Worcestershire Sauce, Honey, Liquid Smoke. I kind of guess the quantities but don't skimp on the quality of these ingredients as it will greatly influence the flavor. So no Lite Sodium off brand soy sauce.

On top of those 4 ingredients I like to use freshly crushed black pepper and or red pepper flakes and then whatever main flavoring you want such as whatever steak rub / seasoning you like.

In a plastic zip lock bag mix the concoction with meat, I just dig my hand in there and stir it up so all the flavor bits get all over the meat and in between the slices.

Step 6 : Wait

Let the flavors meld into the meat. I let them sit in my fridge between 8 and 24 hours, sometimes longer if I'm doing a lot of batches at once and run out of room in my dehydrator. I also like to mix it up a bit by tossing the slices of meat in the marinade somewhere around the half way point.

Step 7 : Drying

Get the excess moisture off with pat drying with paper towels. I just lay a layer down on a cutting board, lay down a layer of meat, lay down another layer of paper towels, and repeat. Then I just take off the paper towels and move the meat to the dehydrator so nothing is overlapping and has a bit of room on each side so they aren't touching each other.

Then I turn it on around medium high for 6 to 12 hours depending on the cut of meat and how tough you want it to be. Be careful of over dehydrating, we use the honey to keep some moisture in but if you go too long it kind of breaks apart instead of becoming a delicious chewy stick of flavor. Under dehydrated meats are a bit too playable, if you grab a piece and test it out you'll figure out when it feels just right.

From there I just scoop them into an unused zip lock bag (Don't use the marinading one) and enjoy at my leisure aka consume them all in an hour.

This is also good

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