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Welcome to Europa! We hope that you enjoy your stay on our humble mining moon. Don't mind the civil wars, and remember, the EDF paid to bring you out here, but they don't have to pay to take you home! -Earth Defence Force standard welcoming message

M.A.V. is a game by Bombdog Studios, designed to provide a more deliberate, strategy-oriented flavour to the bouquet of fast-paced Mecha titles you more commonly see. Here on the surface of Europa in the midsts of the miner's war of succession, you won't see pew-pew lasers, jet-propelled robots or extraneous elbow joints. Just explosive, stompy, squad-based mecha action.

If this sounds interesting to you, the game can be purchased in an early-access Alpha state at The Bombdog Studios main page or on Steam- just search for M.A.V.

For those of you who've just bought the game and want help getting started, we have pages outlining common terminology and some useful guides. If you want to know more about the story behind the game, check out our history or lore page. If you're just looking for the parts lists, try parts, and of course there's always going to be an faq. Some other likely places to start browsing are the pages on roletypes or gametypes, or even just learning about the M.A.V.s themselves. Finally those who want to find out more about the player side of things check out all the fun stuff relating to your profile.

For the new and the old, from one of the oldest Mavericks around... Welcome, and Viva Europa!

This is the lines and lists of the main hubs and what not for the wiki.
Game Play Game World Game Meta
Parts Lore Role Types
Bases Fan Lore Guides
Parts History F.A.Q.
Gametypes Companies Terminology
Garage Bombdog Studios Achievements
Levels M.A.V. Builds
Profile Memes
Chat Commands