M.A.V. Quick Start Guide

Welcome! This guide is to help you get started enjoying your experience with M.A.V. as quickly as possible. It’s entirely possible to skip this guide, if you like, but I will explain some core features that should smooth out the learning curve for you.

The Basics

Valid Build Indicators
When first launching into the garage you will be greeted with a default build. While you can use this build to get started playing right away, it leaves a lot of room for improvements. As we modifiy this build we need to be sure to keep our build valid, as indicated by the build validation icons. All icons must be green to be able to deploy.
From left to right, top to bottom.

Scales – Your current weight must not exceed the maximum weight your chassis can hold, the weight indicator is located in the top middle of your screen.

Four Bullets – All equipped weapons must be assigned to a minimum of at least one weapon group, this is to protect you from jumping into battle without any weapons.

Lightning Bolt – In order to function your MAV must have enough energy to operate all of its systems, to do this just equip power generators. Your energy indicator is located in the bottom right of your screen.

Curved Arrow – This indicator is to show that your cockpit is facing forward and is right side up. Imagine trying to drive upsidedown or even backwards. Your cockpit will turn a transparent yellow to indicate that it is not positioned correctly.

Two Boxes – This indicated that two or more parts are colliding and they must be moved to correct the error. The parts in question become a transparent red to better indicate that they are in issue.

Weapon Groups


To assign a weapon to a group simply click on the group you want to assign, then click on the weapon slot in the drop down and then click on the weapon you want to assign to that slot. That weapon will no longer be highlighted in Yellow and if you select another slot in that weapon group the already assigned weapon will be blacked out to indicate you’ve already assigned it in this group.

Please note that the order you assign weapons is important as the first weapon will be used as the gun camera for that group and on high caliber weapons changing the order can effect shot grouping. Finally if you have any extra weapon groups assign a previously made group in a different order so if you lose your gun camera is knocked out you could use the other group instead.


Garage Controls

To rotate your view by holding down the right mouse button and dragging.

To zoom in or out use the mouse scroll wheel.

To rotate a part before you connect it to your MAV simply press Q or E (last / next weapon group) while you are holding the part with the left mouse button.

To have even more control over the part you are holding with the left mouse button hold Shift and then press Q / W / E / A / S / D and it will rotate in one of the 6 directions by 90 degrees.

Advanced Videos

Weapon Grouping and Recoil Migration
Open vs Protected Cockpit
‘Oneshots’ build series