Skynet AI Update and a New Game Mode


Has it been two years since a blog post? That seems utterly silly. Of course, if you want to hear from me more often, you would join the official Discord Channel where we organize great multiplayer matches every week, hold polls on new features, and I provide amazing insights into the development of MAV! But wait, didn’t I lead this post …


An Update on Updates


Hey everyone, it’s been sometime since we posted a State of the Game update! While I still am active on the Bombdog Studios Discord channel, it was brought to my attention that a proper State of the Game would be greatly appreciated. So let’s get right to the point! The resounding answer here is YES! Here are some great new …


The September Update Release


It’s release week! The September update has lots of great content and improvements in it.   As you can see from the trailer above, New Amazon has received a visual update to bring it inline with the other levels. This includes a few gameplay changes that affect the ‘known’ paths around the level, so getting a new feel for it …


So many updates so little time!


This week, on August 17th, a new update will release! We are very excited about this update, as it includes many different items that have a large impact. Lets get right into it! Engineers equipped with a Comm System can enter command mode by pulling up their map and holding the control key. In Command mode, they will be able …


July 2018 Firework Extravaganza!

From July 2nd, 2018 to July 6th, 2018, you have chances to win limited edition firework codes, just by playing the game! For this year, we have 6 brand new, never before seen fireworks! Common Tier Patriot White   dr: 25% Patriot Red  dr: 25% Patriot Blue  dr: 25% Uncommon Patriot Flower dr: 15% Rare Patriot Nova  dr: 8% Epic Patriot Multi-Star dr: 2% …


The June update is releasing on the 29th!


It’s update time again and we have a great update in store for you this month! The update will be releasing on Friday. June 29th! To start things off, the UEC commissioned their favorite military manufacturer, DSMR to create some new parts to help in the fight against the mining revolt. UEC forces has been trying to adapt to the fighting …

Brasswolf: My Home is the Battlefield


  he tracked MAV reeled under the combined firepower of the six battle rifles, the armor-piercing rounds shattering armored plates into silvery chunks that fell all over the pavement. Smoldering from a dozen small fires, the large machine pivoted to the left and slammed into a building, which promptly collapsed, covering the MAV in rubble and dust. Moving among the …

Brasswolf: Rebuilding


As she sat in her corner of the temporary command center and heard the accounts of the battle as they were laid to her, Claire started to feel quite nauseous. Mister Zhou, Miss Epstein, Miss Nguyen, and so many others, dead. Some of the leaders survived, either by sheer luck or because they hid while the traitor militia and government …


MAV Goes to the Big City


On Friday May 25th the May update will be available and what a better place to spend it than a new city map!   Buellt Colony is an older mining colony, once considered a hot bed of rebel activity. This large map is bisected be a flowing river, a man made construct from the original mining days. The buildings provide …

Brasswolf: Blue on Blue


After weeks suffering raids from the rebels from the Belus region, the UEC forces had finally managed to pull themselves together and organize an offensive into rebel territory. It began with a surprise attack, MAVs leading the way into the several outposts the rebels had across the area to monitor the governmental movements. A part of the assault group formed …


State of the Game: The Joys of Working Together


Wow, how things have changed! This has been a whirl wind of a week, as it’s the first week the Bombdog Studios team is operating as a whole unit. A writer, an artist, 2 engineers, and my self, have all been hard at work delivering great content for the next update and beyond! But with this new chapter in the …


State of the Game : April 2018 Update released!


It’s release week and it’s going to be a juicy one!  The release will be live this Friday, April 27th! This month, a new part manufacture has entered the marketplace on Europa.   “At Silverside we care for the needs of our customers, striving for the right balance between reliability and innovation. In an era where long-held traditions in warfare …


State of the Game : Engine update is now live!


MAV has fully migrated to Unity 5.6, upgrading from Unity 4.2. This was a major undertaking, required updates to ever single subsystem contained within the game! In addition to this, MAV has fully migrated to a 64bit build, making for a more stable and future proof game. So why make the move to a new engine? Among many of the …


Brasswolf: Backstage Deals


It would be the first combined operation of the rebels of the Belus region. Three rebel colonies had decided to pool their resources to fend against the UEC’s aggression. Their assets amounted to five combat-capable MMVs and a single MAV, plus a few transports and militia fighters. However, even though the gear and the personnel existed, the same couldn’t said …


State of the Game: January Update coming on Friday the 26th


The January update has been highly focused on performance and it will not disappoint! In most cases, performance has increased by 2X but in many caes you will see more than a 10X improvement! A lot of work went into tracking down every small performance issue and coming up with a way to solve it. Even with all this performance, …


Mining Saws, Grenade Launchers, and More! November Update Details


The November update is here and brings with it lots of exciting changes! This massive saw is designed to rip apart rock and ice, which makes it an excellent weapon to tear your enemies apart with as well! It’s blade spins up with a terrifying sound, dealing damage to anything it touches. It has the ability to extend out to …


State of the Game : Thankful in 2017


So much has happened in 2017 it would be impossible to list it all. Most of all, I am thankful for the community that has formed around M.A.V. and the people that have stuck around, year after year, ensuring everything kept moving forward. To celebrate, I have a few community oriented updates that will be arriving with the November update. …

Brasswolf : Aftermath


Sparks flew in the eventide, while the cold sky grew darker. The technical teams were hastily finishing strapping the remains of the MAV to the back of a large ore transport truck. They knew very well that although the oppressors have been caught by surprise with the actions of that day, they could soon be returning the area. Claire swallowed …


State of the Game: Intermittent Power Outages


Well this week has been quite the roller coaster. I have been dealing with multiple, long term, power outages that have really effected my productivity. Now, normally this would be discouraging, as I run pretty tight schedules with my deliveries, but I am trying to be positive about the situation. I got some really nice sleep and some amazing family …


Brasswolf : A Furious Overture


Her heart throbbed anxiously inside her chest, and her muscles tensed with apprehension. Yet, Claire felt strangely calm. There was a sense of finality to that moment. Her sister was dead, her community in danger, and she was about to find her own demise in a war she never intended to take part in. Even if she only managed to …


State of the Game : To be Determined

State of the game #199

Well, I am suffering full on writers block this week. I have now stared at this blank page for 30 mins, trying to determine what I should talk about, what I should save for when the update drops, and what long term plans I should talk about. I suppose I could talk about the new line of manufacturer themed parts …


State of the Game : Let’s Start November Off Right


It’s been a great week this week! The launch of the MAV referral rewards last week has been going great and I got out a nice hotfix to the October build over the weekend as well. So far I have been pretty heads down on building amazing stuff for the coming updates. More on this in a bit. Overall mentality, …


October update hotfix


Hotfix version – Fixes unintentional stat changes to Reverse joint chassis – Biped acceleration, braking, and deceleration have been reduced – Textures on armor pieces could become corrupted, this has been fixed.


State of the Game and the October Update!


What an amazing month it’s been! Lets get right into the gritty details of what is in this update:   Part unlocks through role types levels has been removed and replaced with a proper research system. All current account level XP has been converted into research points. What good are research points? Well, let me tell you! All parts are …


State of the Game #249: Time Dilation Effects


How is it possible that it feels like only a day has passed, but a year of time has passed, but then looking at the calendar it’s just one more week down? How can time be real if our minds aren’t real? – Jaden Smith; probably. This past blob of time has been a bit of a weird one for …


State of the Game #238: Fear and Loathing in Game Development


Welcome back for this weeks state of the game! As much as I would LOVE to continue to jumb on the loot box hat-wagon, it seems a lot of the game blogs and personalities I follow have started hammering that practice into the ground. So, instead, I wanted to talk a bit about something that is closer to my heart. …


State of the Game #247: What day is it?


Wow, look at that, I got so caught up in all the cool stuff I was doing that I completely forgot what day it even was. Sorry about that! Speaking of cool stuff, we just got some new deliveries from our artist and I am really excited to start getting those items implemented. More so, I am excited to start …


State of the Game #246: The September Update is Here!


Right in time, it’s the September update! This on is jam packed, so lets get right into it: + New Cockpit line from Dynamic Systems Manufacturing The Bojan line of cockpits represent a world leader in combat cockpits. Noted for their heavy armor, good offensive capabilities, and their ability to run as heat neutral, they have seen wide use in …


State of the Game #245: The Wide World of Game Development

State of the game #199

This week I have been reminded time and time again just how many skill sets are required to truly make a game. I made this realization as I bounced from writing, straight to image editing, then off to my 3d program for some rigging and animation. Then, into Unity for a bit of programming, then to excel to run some …


Show them you mean business with Screamer Rockets


Nothing says ‘I Love you’ quite like a face full of high explosive carnage and Screamer rockets really let you spread that love around. A common misconception is the name ‘Screamer’ comes from the sound the rocket makes as it flies through the air. The name actually describes the behavior of the person on the receiving end of the rocket …