State of the Game #273: Full Throttle Ahead!

State of the game #199

Wow, these weeks just keep coming faster and faster! I suppose that’s a good thing, but it gets hard to keep up all the time! Hey, did you know M.A.V. had a Kickstarter? It totally did! Well, it’s time to start cashing in some of those long awaited backer rewards! I have sent messages to all backers that are eligible to …


State of the Game #272: Digging Deeper than a Europa Miner


Hey everyone, sorry for the later State of the Game post, I have been in my own personal jail of debugging! 🙁 But really, it’s a good thing! The great thing about digging deeply into a set of code is that you can fix things you might have overlooked before, as well as all the monitoring that I have added …


State of the Game #271: Safe and Secure


Welcome to this weeks State of the Game! You may notice a little icon in your browser url bar this week. That’s right, Bombdog Studios has gone fully SSL! Previously, our login and checkout process were encrypted, but it was brought to our attention that people wanted to see a little more security while they browsed the site as well. …


State of the Game #270: The March Update Has Arrived!


It’s here! This month has been quite the whirlwind! The March update has been more than just in game work, that is for sure, and this trend will continue through out the coming months. You can see this out of game work in our newly announced Partnered Streamer program [Apply Here!], of which we currently have 5 partners, with many …


State of the Game #269:


I have been spending most of the month working on many secret projects. Some will be revealed soon, others will be more long term. I am VERY excited about each and every one of them! I don’t typically drive my own hype, but these projects are going to be BIG! For those that have been around here awhile, you are …


State of the Game #268: PAX East Recap!


WOW, what a whirl wind of a weekend! WARNING: This is going to be a VERY picture heavy post, and most of the are selfies 🙂   It all started at an incredibly busy Austin airport. Apparently flying during the SXSW festival is going to be a crowded affair. The best thing though was I was sitting around 3 awesome guys …


State of the Game #267: Let’s Prep for PAX East!

State of the game #199

Wow, it seems like just yesterday that I was at PAX south! It’s that time again and I will be heading up to Boston this Friday to be attending PAX East! I have my stickers ready, my massive stack of business cards, my heavy coat, and my exclusive MAV brand sweatshirt! [Thanks to the Bombdog studios master of merch 🙂 …

State of the Game #266: A Face Lift!


Did you notice anything different on the site today? That’s right, the website is getting some nice polishing touches through out. It started with a better experience when creating an account, has migrated to a completely new homepage, and will likely be touching the entire site before I am done. As exciting as web development can be, something more interesting …


State of the Game #265: Post Release Bliss


Oh, what a beautiful week! Last week saw the release of the February update and a quick hotfix for some minor issues. This week, I have been gathering a lot of data on the new heat system and working on more and more secretive projects! One of the most fun and interesting things I have added to the game has …



Fixed overheating fireworks. Heat damage threshold is set to 85. Fixed Alpha 2 Silver camo not showing correctly in certain cases. Fixed Alpha Gold camo not showing correctly in certain cases. Fixed the M-RAD radiator collision issues.