State of the Game #240 : Heads down


Sorry for the short update. I am heads down working to get the Summer Update out. I have finished the current garage UI and have moved on to the Battle report screen. Rachael has been driving for quite a bit of quality and I feel like it is paying off a ton! Here is a work in progress shot: That …

Pwyll Crater Complex


Augusto Góis lowered his head to avoid banging on the bulwark as he passed underneath it. In here everything seemed to be working just fine, too. Looking around, the engineer checked all the valves and pipes passing through the frame of the structure. Still nothing seemed to be truly wrong. Some leaking from the water pipes, but that happened sometimes, …


State of the Game #239 : Paint by Numbers


Have you ever sat and thought about how un-intuitive a set of sliders or even most ‘advanced’ color pickers can be to people that are not used to tools like photoshop? Like, could the average person make Orange, using a set of RGB sliders? Sure, a color fan mixed with a value slider is a bit better,  but how long …


Will I Dream of Him?


>\File selection – R001_08/31/2078 Booting memory … Playing Action cancelled Transcribing … Displaying…   >\Start\ So, yeah, this is me – I mean, you – speaking. Okay, bad start… Let’s go again. This is Alizé. Your past self, anyway. I don’t really know why I am recording this. It has been a long time since I felt the need to …


State of the Game #238 : Quality of Life

State of the game #199

Small things really add up to make a big difference in the enjoyably of things. That is the lesson I have been learning this week, and really the whole time I have been working on MAV. Some people would just yell “Your just talking about polish, you dolt!”, and I wouldn’t say they are completely wrong, but this feel different. This …


Genesis of a Rebellion


If demonstrations could change anything they would have made them illegal. The people gathering in the streets of that city cried and screamed, and pumped their firsts into the air, thinking such a show would actually change the minds of those overseeing their lives back on Earth. But they wouldn’t care. They didn’t care for the masses that starved under …


State of the Game #237: The Big Bad Garage


I feel like I have been here before, tackling the garage UI and functionality, making everyone’s lives better.  I believe this is version 4 or 5 of the garage, but it’s a HUGE part of the game. The first task has been actually dismantling the current UI system. It was a tangled mess of mixed code, a giant 4,000 line …


The Captain and the Rebel


That would be the last attempt to resolve that crisis before they arrived. Of course, they would come and unleash their terrifying destructive power on the colony. Although it had been him to send the distress signal, Captain Idris Layeni still felt that he needed to disarm the situation. Give it one last, desperate, try.   Others would have believed …


State of the Game #236: Another screen finished!


I have finished the pregame lobby! The new lobby is functionally better, is designed with the future in mind, and I feel looks pretty nice as well! And now, the next big undertaking is the Garage. As I get to each screen, the design gets easier and easier, as there is a larger pool of assets to reference. The difficult …


The Epitome of Waste


The battle was still raging. The white plumes of missiles and rockets arched across the skies, as the warheads ascended and then crashed onto their targets. The golden treads of tracer rounds cut through the air, as the shells flew straight and true. The staccato sound of gunfire and explosions echoed through the hills in a crescendo of fire and …