State of the Game #246: The September Update is Here!

Right in time, it’s the September update! This on is jam packed, so lets get right into it: + New Cockpit line from Dynamic Systems Manufacturing The Bojan line of cockpits represent a world leader in combat cockpits. Noted for their heavy armor, good offensive capabilities, and their ability to run as heat neutral, they have seen wide use in …


State of the Game #245: The Wide World of Game Development

This week I have been reminded time and time again just how many skill sets are required to truly make a game. I made this realization as I bounced from writing, straight to image editing, then off to my 3d program for some rigging and animation. Then, into Unity for a bit of programming, then to excel to run some …


Show them you mean business with Screamer Rockets

Nothing says ‘I Love you’ quite like a face full of high explosive carnage and Screamer rockets really let you spread that love around. A common misconception is the name ‘Screamer’ comes from the sound the rocket makes as it flies through the air. The name actually describes the behavior of the person on the receiving end of the rocket …


State of the Game #244: Lets get personal

Hey there, nice to meet you! My name is Chad Mauldin and I am a game developer and I have a deep love for mechs and mech games. Some of you might know this and think I am being silly, but I feel a lot of you reading this right now might not know this. This is my fault. You …


Minor hotfix to address some UI issues. * Player level will now display correctly.


State of the Game #243: And it Begins Again

Yes, the Summer update is out and its back to monthly updates! I have been very busy this past week, following up on the Summer update, I went into Seattle to attend both a Twitch developer reveal conference as well as PAX West. Both of these were very great events for us, with a very different focus than what we …