State of the Game #243: And it Begins Again

Yes, the Summer update is out and its back to monthly updates!

I have been very busy this past week, following up on the Summer update, I went into Seattle to attend both a Twitch developer reveal conference as well as PAX West. Both of these were very great events for us, with a very different focus than what we have done at previous PAX events. This go around, almost all of my conversations were with other companies, gathering information to help guide us over the next 6 months.

One of the things I love about the games industry is just how quickly it can change, at a fundamental level even. Marketing pitches have to update, player needs and expectations are always changing, and even the platforms we launch on change beneath our feet! The only draw back to this is that it can make it a bit difficult to make solid long term plans. I am still debating at what level MAV will participate in PAX events. Having been to all 3 in the USA this year, I have quite a bit of data, but need to really sit down with a plan to see if it will make sense. Once we have something solid, I will make sure you know!

Back to the game development goodness, we have made a few changes to the website, giving it a small face-lift in some areas and organizing it a bit better in others. The blog roll page got an update to allow more posts to be scrolled through at once, a lot of the images got switched out to newer versions, the home page got a bit of an update (no more February update being headlining news!) and I did a bit of shop clean up.

On the backend of things, I have been collecting all the bug reports into a master list and adding it to my list for the September update. Pending any game breaking bugs, you can expect these fixes as part of the normal monthly release, not as a hotfix this week. We have quite a back log of content and features already lined up for September/October and I don’t want to push them any more just for a hotfix. You may have already spotted some of the newer content floating around, but you can rest assured there is still plenty more in hiding 🙂

Overall, I really see things picking up in pace as we head into the rest of the year. We have a LOT of thinks planned and will be pushing incredibly hard to make these next few months of MAV the most exciting you have seen yet!

Let us know what you are most excited to see in the next 4 updates!

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  1. I’m very excited for these new part models. Eventually though I’ll start complaining again about part sizes as a lot of them feel like they’re too large / small / connection points poke out too far making it look silly.

    I’m probably most excited for more engineer parts for Turgid Valley. We really need a Large Commander System that can cover more than 1 grid square or maybe a “Heavy” uplink, even cooler if it was something we could shoot with a howitzer style device so we can get network connectivity without running to that spot on the map.

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