State of the Game #265: Post Release Bliss

Oh, what a beautiful week! Last week saw the release of the February update and a quick hotfix for some minor issues. This week, I have been gathering a lot of data on the new heat system and working on more and more secretive projects! One of the most fun and interesting things I have added to the game has …


Fixed overheating fireworks. Heat damage threshold is set to 85. Fixed Alpha 2 Silver camo not showing correctly in certain cases. Fixed Alpha Gold camo not showing correctly in certain cases. Fixed the M-RAD radiator collision issues.


State of the Game #264: The February Update is Here!

In January MAV brought in the Ice with No Mans Pass, but with February it’s bringing the heat! The heat system is in place and acts as it’s own damage type now. This means that Flamethrowers and ground fires will no longer do direct damage, but will instead add heat to the parts they touch! Each part has a few …


State of the Game #263 : The Vice Article

What an exciting week! I have been very busy, dealing with taxes, doing business type stuff, polishing up the February update, and get settled into a nice marketing groove. Suddenly, I get a message, telling me an article that was started way back in November would be going live. To be honest, I had forgotten about the article. So many …


State of the Game #262: Pax South 2017 Recap

Wow, what an amazing weekend! Lets start with the mission goal. To start off the trip, I arrived at the entry gate at exactly 7:30am on Friday morning. It was at exactly 7:32am that I realized that I had completely forgotten to bring my PAX badge on the trip with me. Crap. After about 45 mins of frantically talking from …