July 2018 Firework Extravaganza!

Earn Limited time firework codes

From July 2nd, 2018 to July 6th, 2018, you have chances to win limited edition firework codes, just by playing the game!

For this year, we have 6 brand new, never before seen fireworks!

Common Tier

Patriot White   dr: 25%

Patriot Red  dr: 25%

Patriot Blue  dr: 25%


Patriot Flower dr: 15%


Patriot Nova  dr: 8%


Patriot Multi-Star dr: 2%


On average, you should get 1 firework drop per hour of playtime this week. The above listed drop rates are the overall likely-hood you will receive any one firework. Remember, these drop as keys sent to your email, so be sure to be checking your emails! Feel free to trade keys so you can get a full set!

These fireworks will be forever unavailable after July 6th 2018!