State of the Game #257: Prepping for the Chromehounds Memorial!

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a happy holiday! I am still recovering from all the sugar I ate! Speaking of holiday’s, there is not 1 but 2 MAV holiday events going on! For just logging in and playing MAV between now and New Years Day you can gain 2 new holiday themed camo patterns. Shown above you can …

3 Released!

*Fixed the mouse being visible in the middle of the screen. Again. [please don’t let this become a meme] *Fixed a performance issue that would cause a massive drop in frame rate do to AI trying to place a deployable and getting caught in a loop. *Added ‘Time to Kill’ metric to automated logs to help guide balance changes.   …

1 Hotfix released!

Very simple hotfix to address the issue of the mouse being stuck in the middle of the screen


State of the Game #256: AI design in MAV

Hey everyone! I thought I would try something a little more interesting this week and dive a bit deeper into how the AI systems in MAV work. Before I start talking about how I ‘solved’ Ai in MAV, lets talk about what the actual requirements for the AI are. There are 390 parts in MAV and with the most conservative … Hotfix Released!

It’s a midnight release party! Minor changes: *Made fixes for Railgun shots not colliding. *Reduced impact force for Screamer rockets *Extended Spike weapon fixes to both the VLAD and VLAD-160. They were currently only on the VLAD-HD *Fixed bug that would ask you to update to the same version game you already had *Added some logging metrics to help debug …


Results of the December part contest

  Everyone that entered, won! But, it’s more than just that. You see, there are actually 6 different rocket parts and some are more common than others. Every winner was assigned a randomly generated key. You might have a common type of rocket, or an ultra rare one! In addition to this, you won a key for EVERY ENTRY you …


State of the Game #255: The December Update!

The December content update is here! And with it, it brings, a bag of goodies and cheer; For which you can enjoy all through the year! All rhyming aside, lets see what’s in this update!   This experimental part by Northernlight manufacturing is the pinnacle¬†of wanting to reach out and touch someone with holiday cheer! With a range of 2000 …


State of the Game #254: Celebration Time!

December is upon us and I can not think of a better time for a celebration! And what better way to celebrate than an exclusive part giveaway in MAV!   But what are we celebrating in MAV? There are quite a few major milestones that are happening this time of year! While the state of the game posts didn’t start …