October update hotfix

Hotfix version – Fixes unintentional stat changes to Reverse joint chassis – Biped acceleration, braking, and deceleration have been reduced – Textures on armor pieces could become corrupted, this has been fixed.


State of the Game and the October Update!

What an amazing month it’s been! Lets get right into the gritty details of what is in this update:   Part unlocks through role types levels has been removed and replaced with a proper research system. All current account level XP has been converted into research points. What good are research points? Well, let me tell you! All parts are …


State of the Game #249: Time Dilation Effects

How is it possible that it feels like only a day has passed, but a year of time has passed, but then looking at the calendar it’s just one more week down? How can time be real if our minds aren’t real? – Jaden Smith; probably. This past blob of time has been a bit of a weird one for …


State of the Game #238: Fear and Loathing in Game Development

Welcome back for this weeks state of the game! As much as I would LOVE to continue to jumb on the loot box hat-wagon, it seems a lot of the game blogs and personalities I follow have started hammering that practice into the ground. So, instead, I wanted to talk a bit about something that is closer to my heart. …


State of the Game #247: What day is it?

Wow, look at that, I got so caught up in all the cool stuff I was doing that I completely forgot what day it even was. Sorry about that! Speaking of cool stuff, we just got some new deliveries from our artist and I am really excited to start getting those items implemented. More so, I am excited to start …