Skynet AI Update and a New Game Mode

Has it been two years since a blog post? That seems utterly silly. Of course, if you want to hear from me more often, you would join the official Discord Channel where we organize great multiplayer matches every week, hold polls on new features, and I provide amazing insights into the development of MAV!

But wait, didn’t I lead this post with a tantalizing headline in hopes you would click and immediately leave to join the Discord. Are you still here and actually want me to deliver on the headline now? Fine.

Some time in April of 2022 [this is how bad my memory has gotten] version 0.8.4 was released which included several items, but mostly contained a completely updated AI system. The AI are much better at teamwork, are more accurate, and generally put up a hell of a fight even for the most experienced players. Of course, in Skynet fashion, these AI are personalized to your play style and skill level, aimed to continually challenge you and help you develop your skillset.

One of the items that didn’t quite make in to the 0.8.4 release is a new game mode. This will be coming in the next update, which is under active development. The new game mode is one step closer to ‘Campaign Mode’ style matches, containing multiple areas of interest on a map, along with an increased number of AI. Unlike other game modes, this is a points based win condition, allowing for varying successful play styles that do not require direct MAV to MAV combat.

That’s all I have for this post! I do hope to see you in the Discord channel!

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