State of the Game #240: In game menus

Progress is being made! This seems so simple, but having a nice [toggle-able] in-game leader board is already super helpful. See it in action below: The old leader board is now gone for good, with this version, which is more consistent with the end game stats board, as it’s replacement. It’s auto sorting and updates all the stats each time …


Important Announcement: Steam Support Ending

After more than 2 years on the steam store I have made the hard choice to stop supporting Steam as a platform. I will go into the why further down, but wanted to first address how this will affect you as a steam user. First, MAV will no longer be available to purchase on Steam starting September 1st. If you …


State of the Game #239: All settled in!

Wow, what a hectic week! I moved 2,300 miles, driving all over my worldly possessions in a giant truck 1/10th of the way around the world! It was quite the epic road trip! I drove through 7 states, took ~5 days, had to pull over due to an overheating truck twice, and only nearly died once! Most importantly, all my …

State of the Game #238: On the Road!

Sorry to make this such a short state of the game, but I have been traveling on the road nearly all week. I will have a much better story to tell next week!   In the mean time, please contribute to the Weekly Discussion threads!


State of the Game #237: Making life better

This week I have been bouncing around a bit tackling a lot of the feedback I have been seeing on the forums and around the ‘internets’. First up on the hit list, camo patterns. There were quite a few complaints about camo patterns being too hard to see in combat since the updated models and textures. I took some steps …


State of the Game #236: Call to arms!

Hey everyone! This will be a some what short State of the Game as I need to ask you a favor! Please go to the Alienware Arena┬áto vote in the Indie Developer Contest! If MAV wins the contest, Alienware will provide a computer that I will then giveaway to the community! They will also help promote MAV in a variety …