State of the Game #240: In game menus

Progress is being made!

This seems so simple, but having a nice [toggle-able] in-game leader board is already super helpful. See it in action below:

The old leader board is now gone for good, with this version, which is more consistent with the end game stats board, as it’s replacement.

It’s auto sorting and updates all the stats each time there is a score change. In team modes, like siege, the players are grouped by team, with the winning team on top.

I actually debated about the siege mode version of this menu for a long time, worried that being able to see the current kills and deaths would give away to much information. I made the choice that this amount of information is not enough to really change the gameplay, but it can be used by more advanced players to help develop strategies. If the meta changes enough to make the menu an overpowered information gathering device, I will change it for sure.

One thing you don’t see in the video, is that I will be locking out control inputs while this menu is pulled up. You need mouse control back to interact with the mute buttons and the other items. I am looking at a way to allow a ‘mouse control’ key, like some other games have implemented, but for now the default of locking out MAV control is the plan.


Interestingly enough, the creation process of the menu lead me into some interesting bugs which I was able to fix as well. I was able to trace the cause behind repair sheds not reloading weapons some times, as well as some collision issues with the spectator and death cameras. There was a super annoying issue in which the camera would zoom in super close at random times, which made it really hard to get good spectator shots and videos. I tracked this down to some bad bit shifting code for setting collision layers and it’s all fixed up now. While I was in there, I also updated the death camera to be affected by your mouse sensitivity settings.

One additional minor addition I made was a small visual update to the ejection warning screen as well as adding an audio cue to the ejection. The audio can only be heard by the player ejecting though.

That’s it for this week! Don’t forget to stop by the forums for the weekly discussion threads!

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  1. I’d say all of that information is very OP for Siege. I’d say the best option here is just have player names/teams, and nothing more. Hell, we used to be able to tell the number of enemies back in Chromehounds by checking the recent players tab.

  2. I can’t help but notice that accuracy is a little borked on that one AI along with score being borked across the board.

    I’d love to see what the “show me more” menu would be like.

    1. Post

      Accuracy can still get over 100% using splash weapons.

      Score will always be 0 until the end of the match, as it’s not calculated until then.

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