State of the Game #239: All settled in!

Wow, what a hectic week! I moved 2,300 miles, driving all over my worldly possessions in a giant truck 1/10th of the way around the world! It was quite the epic road trip! I drove through 7 states, took ~5 days, had to pull over due to an overheating truck twice, and only nearly died once!

Most importantly, all my computer equipment made the trip safely, is set back up and I have internet access again!

So, given all that, I didn’t get in a ton of development time on MAV. I did manage to test out some website changes that will be going live soon.

I will have a big announcement for later in the week. There was a delay in my internet hookup and I am stuck with terrible service right now. Luckily, that should change in 2 days as I upgrade to full 1 gbps internet on Friday! That means the stream on Sunday morning will be smooth as silk! That is the plan at least.

Important note! All stream times will be in Central time now. I will be streaming from 9am to 11 am Sunday morning, central standard time. That is 2 hours earlier, so if you tune in at the old time you will miss the whole thing!

Your best bet is to just follow me on twitch so you will get the email notifications when I go live.


That’s it for this week! Sorry for the late post, blame Time Warner Cable for being a terrible company that nobody should ever give money to, if they have the choice. 🙂

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