State of the Game #249: Time Dilation Effects

How is it possible that it feels like only a day has passed, but a year of time has passed, but then looking at the calendar it’s just one more week down?

How can time be real if our minds aren’t real? – Jaden Smith; probably.

This past blob of time has been a bit of a weird one for me, as I am constantly bouncing between lots of small tasks. Being the last week before an update, I am doing my usual ‘is this going to be good enough’ line of questioning (it is, it’s awesome:) ) and making sure I didn’t forget anything important.

This weekend is TwitchCon and I had every intention of going, even bought my ticket and booked a room. But given what my focus is, I will not be going to Twitch Con, and while I imagine it will be awesome, I think my time will be much better spent here doing development. After hitting 3 PAX conferences this year I feel I have a good understanding of what to expect at each one and don’t feel like I will be missing out on anything important by not being there.

Speaking of time dilation, I am sorry for having mis-numbered last weeks state of the game! This week we are back on track.

I really am excited about the October update. It brings with it some much needed changes and some new ideas that I know a lot of people have been wanting. I might even be able to start sneaking small references to the lore into the game, which is something I have been wanting to do for quite some time! And more so, I feel there will be an exciting way to reward players, without having a silly loot box mechanic in the game. I love finding good ways to reward players!

Speaking of rewards, I want to bring up Kickstarter. Did you know MAV had a Kickstarter? It was a crazy, wonderful ride! I have been trying to deliver some of the higher rewards, but it seems a lot of people are no longer getting Kickstarters emails. If you backed at the Leader level ($75) or higher, please go to Kickstarter and check your messages. I have tried to contact everyone at the Leader level and above to deliver the Leader rewards and the response rate through Kickstarter has been… disappointing. If you have issues with Kickstarter, feel free to contact me directly!

So many amazing things in the works! It’s going to be a hell of a rest of the year in 2017 and 2018 is going to be one for the record books. I can feel it!

May you update speculation begin in the comments below 🙂


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  1. “I feel there will be an exciting way to reward players, without having a silly loot box mechanic in the game.”

    The new unlock system, a new part or two. If it’s the new unlock system and a new chassis I’d just about shit. That’d be great.

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  2. Instead of loot boxes, it’s going to be loot codes. Could be the highly sought after gold camo, could be a $500 mech, could even be some code for a random game on Steam that wanted to be MAV so hard they changed their name to match us.

    And speaking of Steam and Kickstarter and whatnot, I love how we had to leave Steam behind to grow. It was one hell of a ride, and it’s only got better.

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  3. Time flies when you’re having fun. I hope you’re enjoying developing as much as I’m enjoying sniping mechs and cursing because I’ve forgot to take the recoil and travel time into account.

    That’s a good thing.

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      I actually AM enjoying the development! You know you are doing right when you are excited for what you are working on.

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      I can understand, but you are like the player that saves all the health potions for the final boss, only to find out you didn’t need them to beat the boss.

  4. I’m glad I found this game. This community makes me excited to see this game grow in to a mature product that makes other Mech games weep XD!!!


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  5. It is weird how one can remember something like it happened just yesterday and feel like it was recent, only to realize it took place years ago. Leaving steam behind has panned out really nicely.
    Virtually every update since shortly after has been huge and highly impactful.

    October introduced the first heavy weapons along with the cannon rework,
    November brought us the Hammerhead pits, piles, concussion rockets, offset armour plates and a few generators,
    December gifted us with Railguns, the Centurion, new spacers, and AI improvements,
    January brought back No Man’s Pass, Skynet, and a huge re-balance (I still don’t like the cockpit stability nerfs but I otherwise love how all the other balance changes were),
    February introduced, thermal vision systems, fire suppression and radiators,
    March brought in the HADES and fire mines (though they only started being relevant recently, lol), along with buffs to a lot of the under-powered weapons,
    April packed the Skar pits, implemented proper AI difficulty and ended one of the biggest bugs of the time,
    Then fast-forward to August, Tegid Valley was introduced and with it an entirely new UI and garage,
    and September, the Bojan pits, a rework to the heat system, nerfs to 160 howies and many community driven buffs.

    Nice as it is to ride along in each new update, sometimes it’s nice to sit back and reminisce just how far we’ve gone. Here’s to another year of amazing updates, cheers Cyber.

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      That is a great list! It’s been so nice being able to focus on the game and not worry about a ton of external systems.

      Cheers to another year of updates for sure!

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