State of the Game #254: Celebration Time!

December is upon us and I can not think of a better time for a celebration!

And what better way to celebrate than an exclusive part giveaway in MAV!

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But what are we celebrating in MAV?

There are quite a few major milestones that are happening this time of year!

5 years of MAV!

While the state of the game posts didn’t start right away, I actually began the development of MAV 5 years ago! It’s come a long way, with MANY ups and downs along the ride, but it’s growing into an amazing game with an even better community! This has been the most rewarding development experience I have ever had and I look forward to what the next 5 years brings!


11,000+ Facebook fans and growing

If you haven’t seen the Bombdog Studios Facebook page, it has been gathering a great audience of MAV fans and followers. As the page grows, the posts get shared to more and more people, bringing more and more exposure to the game! Ever since the MAV Kickstarter Facebook has continued to be a core driver for people discovering MAV and joining the community. It just shows how powerful word of mouth is and how involved the MAV fans are!


Chromehounds Memorial 2

While this is technically the 4th Chromehounds Memorial battle [As started by our own LegacyElite84] this will be the second year I host an all day twitch stream and provide official rewards for participants! There is a dedicated site, Chromehounds Memorial which can use some volunteers to help maintain a wiki about Chromehounds. I am hoping that my green screen will not collapse down on to my head again this year!


2017 and Beyond

It maybe premature, but 2017 and beyond are looking very bright for MAV. Both the game and the community are growing at a good pace and I am finding the people I need to make it happen even faster. All things willing, 2017 could very well be the year that MAV gets to be my full-time focus and possibly even grow beyond 1 person!


So, here’s one cheer to past history of MAV, one to the future in 2017, and one to you, for helping make this whole thing possible with your support and passion for this crazy man and his game!


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  1. Just sayin’, I’m claiming shenanigans on my part for 2017 now. Paving the way to greatness one stolen kill at a time.

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