State of the Game : Engine update is now live!

A New Engine

MAV has fully migrated to Unity 5.6, upgrading from Unity 4.2. This was a major undertaking, required updates to ever single subsystem contained within the game! In addition to this, MAV has fully migrated to a 64bit build, making for a more stable and future proof game.

So why make the move to a new engine?

Among many of the as of yet utilized features that the new engine will provide MAV, there were a few key aspects that warranted the engine upgrade:

  • Brand new lighting system
  • Full PBR shader support
  • Better handling of memory
  • Better multi threading support
  • Faster multi threaded rendering
  • Better support for modern graphics cards
  • and many others!

So in the short term, this should translate to a better looking game, that is faster and more stable, right from this release! And even better, it will continue to improve from there!

And with that, I will leave you with some great screenshots from the new build:



Enjoy, and I hope to see you in game!

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  1. That is one hell of a jump. We have one release that is stuck in 4.3 and the effort needed to break it out of that version is just too much work. Congratz on getting it done, the game will be much better off for it. I’m kinda bummed that it’s not on steam any more, but Steam can be a very toxic environment during a long development phase. Looking forward to more releases!

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  2. The lighting really adds a lot of feel and depth to the visuals. And I can now play New Amazon and Tegid Valley without lag.
    Im eager to try multiplayer to see how the FPS manages with other connections.

    Epic, epic work as usal Cyber, grand job!

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      Thank you! Since I am working from a mobile environment, I can tell you the multiplayer FPS holds up well, even extreme lag and packet loss

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      That’s a weird position to take at this time, considering a new release was put out on August 27th, 2022, which included a migration of the website, performance updates, and tons of patches. Additionally, I have been public in the discord channel stating another release will be coming in September 2022 that will including a completely new launcher and patching system. Both of these released have focused on multiplayer stability issues to help support the growing number of multiplayer matches that are being organized through the discord server. Also, why would you chose a 4 year old blog post to make this comment?

  3. Only commenting here because this thread has the most recent activity on this site, but is this game abandoned now? I only ask because when I launch the game, it wont connect. My account also shows I never purchased the game, which is false, as I bought the game earlier this year, and i have the emails/receipts to prove it. I’d check the discord, but the link is broken. I’m pretty confused because based on Cyberdogs’s comments here, the game is still playable. What’s the deal?

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