State of the Game : Let’s Start November Off Right

It’s been a great week this week!

The launch of the MAV referral rewards last week has been going great and I got out a nice hotfix to the October build over the weekend as well.

So far I have been pretty heads down on building amazing stuff for the coming updates. More on this in a bit.

Overall mentality, I have been very happy and positive. There has been a flurry of activity around the ‘internets’ about MAV and that has lead to a higher than normal level of Contact us requests. I love getting these as it allows me to directly help someone with an issue. Be sure to put in your correct email address though!

I have been really enjoying the new creativity that has been going into the player builds forum section as well. There is just a LOT of amazing builds in there that are not only very functional but sexy as hell as well!

Back to prepping for the November update, I am in a bit of a hurry, as I don’t want to release the same time as Thanksgiving. Lucky for me I have been planning and have gotten a good jump on the new parts going into the update already. I’m even going to break my own rules and let the hype already start by showing you a sneak peak!


Look at that beast! No specific details on them yet though, you will have to wait a few more weeks there 🙂

How do you think these weapons will play out? Do they seem like something you would want to use? I would love to hear your feedback in the comments!

As always, thanks for reading and I will see you next week!


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  1. they look badass in every way, but not really something fit for combat. the idea is awesome on paper, but even pile drivers are only effective on faster chassis.

    for starters, they look way too heavy to be lighter than xxls, and would look incredibly silly mounted on a hover or wheel chassis.

    that torque would be converted to a hellova lot of recoil, only high stability things would be able to use them right.

    however, i believe this is something that would bode very well if some sort of voxel mining mechanic were to be implemented into mav later on. this also begs the question, if europa was heavily mined, where are all the mines, tunnels, caves and pits? thus far ive only seen combat above ground, with no sign of underground or even strip mining, and other areas where something mounting such a big melee weapon would be king.

    as obnoxious and useless(considering the speed of anything that would be able to use them and the openess of the current map selections) they seem, i would still love to see them in combat. if something like that exists, it would imply that there would be heavy pile drivers, hydraulic claws, excavator shovels, drills and heavier chassis with built in mining equipment, like a tank chassis with a wider version of this on it, or a hex chassis with shovels mounted on the legs that could be used in the way a horse rears up and attacks with its front legs. or various chassis-mounted heavy pile drivers.

    speaking of, if hovers could mount such a thing, these rock saws would benefit them greatly when being mounted on the chassis. however, i do not support them being mounted on anything faster than an rj due to the extreme weight and torque they would have. (imagine a sniper rifle firing as fast as a machine gun)

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      Lots of great points! I am not sure how people will try to use these, but they are similar to piles in gameplay.

      One big difference though is that piles can very much be a hit and run weapon. Surgical, fast, and then you are gone.

      The saw, is not a subtle hit and run weapon. It’s big, heavy, and has a hell of a bite, but it requires you to keep the blade on the target.

  2. Shut up with your realism, I’m gonna make those saws work even if it kills me.

    I don’t really like the spine on that build though, super heat sensitive. One direct hit with a HADES and it’s going to pop.

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      I agree, I was hoping nobody would notice. But since this was not a marketing image and an actual shot from me building in the garage, I had to make some gameplay transgressions for visual reasons. I was hoping nobody would notice 🙂

  3. i noticed the spine too but thought it was some awesome new spacer….

    how wold ammunition be a thing with these though? i believe the blade would have a durability-style thing that would slowly go down with each second of contact, with only a single blade available.

    something that would help them when being used on slower chassis would be a telescoping boom that would allow the user to slowly extend the blade till the point of contact when holding down the trigger, up to a certain distance of course. maybe 20 or 30?

    while on the subject, maybe a giant jackhammer….

  4. Remembering back to the good old chromehound days, the melee were not used much but was a blast to use with planned melee on melee battles. My friend and I would build mechs with shields and punch spikes (can’t remember what they are called Lol) and we would have duels. I personally would love to see melee weapons. And commenting on a jumping Spiders are cute’s comment. It would be interesting to see how a mining mechanic could be implemented into the game.

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