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  • Create your MAV with over 400 different parts
  • Play with your friends or take on the AI alone
  • 6 role types to play, or mix and match
  • Free updates!

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MAV is a 3rd person Mech Action game focused on teamwork and fine tuning your MAV to perfectly work with your own play style. Players take the controls of their personal Modular Assault Vehicle (MAV) and battle it out, fighting a war for freedom. There are several game modes available including, the free-for-all Arena mode and the team based Siege Mode.

8 reviews for MAV Beta Digital Download

  1. SergeDavid
    5 out of 5

    Created a religious movement in the lore about a maybe sentient glacier from a quick edit to another players concept art for a map. 5 / 5 would worship ice again.

  2. lorddelvin
    4 out of 5

    hmmm….what’s to say everything I love in a game …multifaceted strategy.. starting from your garage where you get to play with giant robot lego parts …. then bring it onto a battle field where you get to use terrain and tactics to take out other peoples custom giant built robots…genuine part destruction so shot placement matters….and a speed that isn’t all about initiative or the fastest trigger(or slowest internet connection) that always wins the day….now my 5 rating is only because it is in alpha stage(other wise I would rank it lower)….. there are a lot of upgrades coming including a much needed overhaul to user interface in the garage and in game overall as well as a more stable and optimized server system and further down the line I have heard rumors of a Champaign mode which will launch another huge strategy to the game….. so in my opinion download the game all updates going forward are free and it’s only going to get better…did I mention the best customer support I have ever seen(how often do you get personal one on one support to get issues fixed from a game developer)… ***download the game*** … and get your wrench out … and get your M.A.V. face on!

  3. Anvildude
    4 out of 5

    For a game made by one guy (with a bunch of ‘helpful’ imput from his Alpha members and playerbase), it’s right up there with Skyrim for hours spent playing, at least for me. A lot of the content isn’t here yet, but unlike many early access games, the developer is actually active with the community, and we can watch new progress being made.

    And what is in the game so far, is well done. A deep and involved ‘crafting’ system for the “M.A.V.s”, solid gameplay, AI that can actually be a challenge if you’re not prepared, and a wonderful community that’s growing as you read this.

    If you like Mechs, if you like Multiplayer, if you like customization, and most especially if you like watching a game go from proof-of-concept into something that I imagine will rival many AAA titles in quality and enjoyablity, you should buy. Can’t beat the price, either- much like Minecraft, if you buy now, you get everything coming in future updates without further transactions.

  4. SamuraiZebra
    4 out of 5

    Without a doubt this is the best effort by a competent solo developer to stir up the emotions of a legendary title that captivated many mech gamers around the world just a few years ago.

    MAV looks set to push the boat out when designing your mech with plenty of parts to choose from and also adds more in-depth team strategy before and during battle. The fact that you can play the alpha state of the game and offer your personal input is great it makes you more connected to the whole process.

    So what is MAV like to play? Well it is a steady paced game that focuses on a few key areas:

    First is the GARAGE. Here is where you get free reign to build your MAV from the ground up. Attempting to balance out thing like weight, size, weapon and armor placement to make the mech fit for purpose. Your MAV will fit into a particular role, of which there are 6 main types (soldier, commander, sniper, heavy gunner, scout and defender). Do you want lots of guns to hit an enemy hard, or do you prefer something fast to zip around in gathering intel? or do you prefer to tear it up in a soldier. These are the choices you make when building a MAV in your garage.

    Second is the BATTLE. The type of battle you are in and what you intend to do during that battle depends on what you’ve built. Your design is very important and a lot of it depends on your personal playstyle.

    Once the battle starts, however, communication and intel gathering are crucial for success. Finding out what MAVs the opposition are using and what they are up to is the first step to victory. Working together, strong communication and focus fire are important when an engagement starts.
    What are engagements like? Each one varies, but with most players it revolves around chipping away at a MAV attempting to destroy them outright targeting their weak point or to strip them of weapons.

    Real world physics such as bullet travel time and gravity need to be considered when firing. This comes with practice, learning how each weapon operates and how best to use them. Knowing the weapons available to you and your opponents is very important and can win or lose you the battle.

    Finally the third area is the online CAMPAIGN. This is where you and your band of conscripts can take control of more areas of the planet to grow your strength and influence over. The campaign mode will offer a world map with point of interest to improve your economy which in turn funds your campaign effort and your goals of total domination. This is the ultimate test of skill, leadership and competency in MAV.

    The game is shaping up amazingly and the best is yet to come. Try out MAV now and find out if you have what it takes to be the best!

  5. LegacyElite84
    5 out of 5

    Where to start something like this? M.A.V. can pretty much be summed up by taking the tried and tested core aspects of the Xbox 360 title Chromehounds, creatively expanding on them, bettering the weak points of the system, and topping it off with a fully competent and devoted developer who we bad mouth for the sole purpose of him being a great guy who’s terrible at his own game <3. The only real flaw to the current game is the slow(er) patch times associated with a one man team.

    I could not approve this game enough.

  6. AxleNo7
  7. Rovendoug
    5 out of 5

    I’ve been playing Mech based games since I got started on them in middle school. MAV satiates the hole that was left by my intense fascination with the Xbox 360 game Chromehounds. The ability to have FULL CONTROL over your mech and how it looked appealed to me, even when I didn’t have a clue what I was doing.

    I’m excited to see this game grow into the proper Mech game that this world needs.

  8. FarmerSpree
    5 out of 5

    I’m real proud of you guys.

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