This O.S.T. contains 6 tracks.

1. Varagian Faction Theme
2. Rebels Faction Theme
3. Loyalists Faction Theme
4. Garage Theme
5. Battle Defeat
6. Battle Victory


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2 reviews for M.A.V. OST

  1. SergeDavid (verified owner)

    I really like all of the currently created tracks (There are six at the time of writing this). Before We’ve only been exposed to three of them but now there are the three faction specific tracks that I’ve been listening too for the past hour.

    I’ve got to say that I’d love an extended version of the Varagian Faction Theme as it holds promise to be my favorite one. The Rebel one seems a bit too quiet and could be played up a bit or louder. The Loyalist one is pretty good and has a decent sounding loop.

    I really want to see what other songs will be added in the future.

  2. SamuraiZebra (verified owner)

    I wanted to hear what this soundtrack has to offer, basically I’m astounded!

    The opening track “rebels” is very atmospheric and really feels like it’s telling a deep story in the underground, before bursting out into a full bodied assault on some unsuspecting objective some where. Really well done.

    The garage theme is equally as dramatic, yet melancholic and tribal with the drums.

    (Music connoisseur mode off) The tracks are very fresh, detailed, and genius. I love them!


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