Epic Siege Game

This Siege match was quite some fun. It was a simple 3v3 match on Blind Alley. I dropped in my ‘Battle Commander’ build, which has a small commSys but a whopping 16 uplink deployables. I also have 4 cannons and 2 assault rifles to provide some defense and support. My two team mates were running pure soldier builds, one with cannons and shotguns [I believe] and the other running a DPS monster with 6 machine guns.

We spawned south side and started heading up the high ground, in which we immediately started taking sniper fire.

At this point I made a rash choice. We did not have the proper loadouts to engage in a sniper battle, so I broke off and made an attempt to sneak around to flank the enemy. 

While my teammates engage the enemy, I snuck around the low ground, sticking to the hill for cover. When I saw the enemy HQ completely un-guarded, I made the choice to fully abandon my team and go for the base drop. Not the nicest choice, but we were in a shared teamspeak room, so I had to keep my actions hidden.

Eventually the enemy defeats my team mates in battle and they come looking for me. It becomes a race of me staying alive and trying to destroy the base while the enemy is trying to disable me and my weapons!

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