January Hotfix Released!

This is a hot fix build to address some minor issues.

* Fixed Heavy armor names having duplicated LP prefixes. They are back to the LP-RP prefixes.

* Added more randomization to the AI build selection, specifically when allowing them to choose builds at a level below theirs.

* Multiplayer servers will now receive AI information from the Skynet system.

* Turn rate is no longer frame rate dependent. Frame rates higher than 30 were causing slower turn speeds.

* High Angle fired projectiles [Shells and rockets] will no longer ‘spin’ sideways at frame rates higher than 30 fps.

* Issues with multiplayer siege matches not starting correctly for the second round have been addressed. Specifically this would cause 1 team to not spawn into the match. The root cause was tracked to some cleanup logic when dealing with ‘sub’ players, like mines, turrets, uplinks, and other deployables.

+ The /addai chat command now has an optional secondary command. You can type /addai ‘roletype’ and the AI will assume the listed role. Acceptable inputs are, attacker, defender, sniper, scout, support, engineer, and commander [due to legacy naming conventions]. A mistyped role type or missing role type will result in a random role being assigned.

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