Screen Shot Saturday

Today we show of a small bit of gameplay! I want to stress, everything you see is still considered ‘temp’. The AI is a good first pass, still a lot to expand on there and I want to see if there is a good way of making them a bit more accurate, as you will see, most shots still go over my head.


Gameplay test against some tanks and turrets.


What you are watching here is one of the first test levels for the basic combat. The final level will actually be an objective level where you avoid/fight the enemies but the primary goal is to go to a series of checkpoints.

For the game play, I threw together a couple of quick weapons for the AI to test. There is a rifle, artillery, shotgun, and cannon type weapon. The modularity of the code really helped iterate, as to get a completely different weapon it’s just a matter of tweaking numbers.

As for the AI, there is still lots of work to be done on the pathing. Right now the tanks have only the most basic pathing to the player; they do not try to avoid anything which causes problems. You might notice the frame rate drop at one point in the video, that was caused by 2 tanks forcing themselves into the same space, causing the physics to slow WAY down. This upcoming week I will spend time adding the objectives to the level and improving the AI systems.


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