State of the Game #102: New Garage Paint

Welcome to another great State of the Game!

This past week, I have been focused on fixing up bugs. I have released 3 snapshot builds this week alone! But, bugs are boring, so lets talk about a new feature!


New color options in the Garage! Also, you can now apply the color on a per part basis, so you can create all kinds of sweet paint jobs.

In fact, its so cool, I even made you a video about it.

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I also improved the feedback for single player games, making sure you see your end of round stats after the match.

Another big change to the garage is how the part rotation works. You no longer have to try and play with the rotation to get it how you want it, as there is now a full 3 axis rotation system setup. Go here to read more about it: Forum Thread.

I have also been very busy prepping M.A.V. to go onto Kickstarter and Greenlight. I have run into a little bit of trouble with both systems so far, but I am hoping to get it resolved over the next week so that Febuary will be smooth sailing.

Until next week!

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