State of the Game #15 : More Networking

This week I am neck deep in creating networking systems. I am making fairly good progress, even if it is a bit slower than I had hoped for.

Here is what I have done so far:

There is a working dedicated server. Right now it has a display window for selecting level and starting the game, but this will go away. At first there will only be a single level; once there are more a voting feature/admin message system will be put in for controlling the server. This will allow the server to go headless and operate faster.

Players can find and join games. I have only tested with multiple instances running locally, but players can join games, have the custom M.A.V. data sent over the network, and move around. There is also a VERY primitive version of network prediction/interpolation going on as well.

You can shoot! Firing spawns all the right bullets and effects. There are some random number syncing issues so the bullets do not go in all the same places across all clients. I am working on this now.

Next up will be making sure damage works correctly and fixing up all of the sync bugs.

I will likely have a release ready for testing this Saturday.

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