State of the Game #150 : Start of the Social Update

Welcome back to another amazing state of the game! As you can see, this is my 150th consecutive update. I want to just take a small amount of time to address all the people that said I would give up on this project after 3 months. SUCK IT!!! But really though, I am glad to be continuing the updates and today is no different.


So, as promised, after cutting the commander update slightly short, I am beginning work on the social update. This update is planned to bring in features that are centered around playing the game with more people, and how those interactions affect you. It will also bring in some bragging rights, with the inclusion of stats tracking, achievements, and profile badges.

To start the update off, I have been focusing on the account system, and more importantly, addressing the differences between steam users and Bombdog account users. What I have created is a system that will allow steam users to connect their steam version to a Bombdog account. This will basically use steam for the sign in process [no passwords required] but use the bombdog account for in-game [so you username would be what your Bombdog account is]. This allows me to focus on one core system, that works for everyone, and then add on 3rd party features, like steam achievements, once the system is completed.

While I was at it, I gave the whole login process an overhaul and changed up the UI so it actually lets you know whats going on behind the scenes during the login, instead of just sitting there blank.

I have also been working on a new shader for the M.A.V. parts, not only to address the issues with white lines on camo patterns, but also to address some lighting issues and general ‘lack of feeling metallic’ items. I don’t have a screenshot for you today, but it is already looking significantly better!

Also, there is no snapshot update today. While I have some additions I have made, I am going to hold the snapshots until I have most of the update complete and then use them for bug testing / balance issues right before the full release. I am doing this for 2 reasons: 1) it keeps the player base united longer on the same build so you are more likely to find multiplayer games. 2) it allows me more time to do Hype inducing secret projects and build general hype for features.

Don’t fear though! Snapshots are not going away and development is not slowing down. It is just that point in the life of the game that I need the freedom to really buckle down and pack in features and give you something to be excited about.

Well, that is it for this week! Check back next week for more Social update progress!

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