State of the Game #153: The Year in Review

Yes, double holiday blog posts!

Sorry, but I have been lazy with this post. While I wanted to cover the whole year of 2014, honestly I think way too much happened! It started off with a whirlwind ride with the Kickstarter, which lead straight to being greenlit. Then there was the push to launch on Steam, then a move around the world [with a day job career change]. We got the commander update, new parts, the Hexapods, the start of the social update, the most snapshot builds between releases EVER, camo patterns, music, level art, new levels, and so many bug fixes [and creations :/].

Honestly, I think the craziest part of the whole year is right now, today. As I look into 2015, all I see is a bigger, crazier, more impressive year for M.A.V..


So let’s lift our howies into a barrage, level down our cannons, hone our snipers, and blast into the fray of 2015, guns blazing. Here’s to you, the supporters that make M.A.V. a possibility!


Happy New Year!

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