State of the Game #159: More Website Updates

Welcome back! This week has been a little crazy, so I was not as productive as I had hoped 🙁

That said, I have been making progress on the profiles, which I can now say are VASTLY more complex than I had originally thought. It’s amazing how that can happen in software development, but I just under anticipated how integrated these systems are with the rest of the game. I can say I am very glad I chose to tackle them now instead of waiting even longer.

Also, I have some updates on the new website! Everything has been designed, most of the content has been transferred over, and everything is in the final testing and integration stages. This means we are quite close to launching the new site. There will still be some setup for making a seamless switch, as we will also be switching servers, but so far everything is looking good. And it’s only 1 year later than I had hoped!

If you have not heard about the new website, some of the key features will be:

Fully integrated: The whole site will be done in the same style and quality. So the forums will look like they are part of the main site, along with the account page.

Single sign on: Your game login will be your only login. Making a forum account will automatically have you setup to get the demo of the game as well. This will make support more seamless, as you won’t have to create a separate account to get help with a question.

Better store: A better checkout experience and the ability to have multiple products. This means MAV and Bombdog studios merch can be integrated into the store and handled all from the same place.

Integrated game profile: All the great stats and achievements talk that I have been spouting will be visible on the website in your profile page. This will also be visible to other players as well.


So all in all it should a vast improvement over the current site!

That’s all for this week!

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