State of the Game #163: Busy work

This week I had set out with a plan to tackle the biggest bugs in the current snapshot and get out a fresh build, but unfortunately, life did not like those plans.

Instead, I have been doing ‘real life’ bug fixing, which includes amazing things like, filling out corporate [LLC] filing papers, preparing documents for taxes [YAY!], and following up on outsourcers that went missing. With all this, I did get to run some tests on the snapshot server and get some good debug data which will help the coding process along.

My primary goal at this point is to just stay positive and continue to make small steps towards project goals, even if they are not what I had originally planned. The last thing this project needs is another ‘dark age’ which I feel like this update is slipping towards.

With that said, I think it’s important to re-hash my plan in a public place. I am currently striving to make the multiplayer experience of M.A.V. better, easier to get into, and less buggy. Currently, I have taken backwards steps on all those goals! However, I do have a good foundation of tools created that allow progress in the right direction. Most important to this was the event system I created, which allows any piece of code to created events and listen for them to trigger, and then react to those events. This is required for stat tracking, better error logging, achievements, the far distant server API, AI planning and teamwork, and betting network code. I also have a foundation of the player profile, supporting stats, and a small foundation of the actual stat system. I believe all this will come together to create a more persistent draw to playing M.A.V. and a better way to foster in-game community.

That is all for this week!

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