State of the Game #177: Web Development Madness

Another week of ranting about the website? Not quite, though I do reserve the right to rant still!

For the most part I have finished the backend of the site and have moved on to polishing the style and design of the user facing pages. I have also been focusing a LOT on the user experince, trying to make sure things like logging in, registering, and redeeming gift codes all feel nice and are located in places that make sense for the user.

This also means I am doing an incredible amount of minor issue fixing. I believe this is near theraputic for me, as I am being forced to take every action and detail into account. It is changing how I work and how I judge a task as being ‘done’. This will translate into a better website, and I hope to continue this workflow on the game once the website is done.

Speaking of being done with the site, I am feeling it will likely be 3 more weeks until the full switch over happens. The trickiest part will be the actual switch, as it will have to be done right so the game login will work [and support people with older versions of the game] and redirect people in the right ways so all the existing links don’t throw 404 errors, since the whole site changed.

I hope to put up a live preview of the new site in the next week or so. Until then, it’s back to the dev cave for me!

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