State of the Game #179: Migration has Begun

Welcome to this weeks state of the game! I have continued to work on the website and for the first time ported all the current forum posts! The process went surprisingly well, and I was able to pull the user accounts over as well [though you will have to reset your password]. This gave me a great set of test data for the site, to not only test visuals and layout, but performance as well. Remember, this site is supposed to not only be pretty, but much faster as well!

Here is what it looks like so far:


The only BIG draw back from the conversion process is none of the uploaded files on the forums will be transferred over. 🙁

Next on the migration list is all the blog posts. These should come over pretty quickly, even though there is a surprising number of the [Is the really the 179th state of the game?!?].

The next big step is finding a nice quite time to pull the actual switch! ‘Technically’ the switch will be seseamlessas the new server is already up and live so it will just be a matter of the DNS information propagating out to the world. In reality, I will have to lock down the old forums at some point so that no posts get lost and ensure I have plenty of free time to fix something if it goes horribly wrong.  If everything goes well, there should not be any game downtime at all. If things go bad, I would expect less than 24 hours of game downtime.

I did manage to create a niffty ‘cascading’ system so that you don’t have to worry about password resets for the M.A.V. client. You WILL need to reset your password when logging into the website, and at that point your M.A.V. client password will also be reset.

Well, I believe that is all for this week! See you next week, and have a great 4th of July!

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