State of the Game #183: The Details of Death

Welcome back to the State of the Game!

This week I have been focused back on the actual game, as most of the website shenanigans are behind us. There is still an outstanding issue with the attachments on the forums, but other than that, things are holding up well.

Late last week I finished off the last remaining login issues and Steam account connection problems and released a new stable build to bring everyone back together. Hopefully this will allow some bigger multiplayer battles, which already seems to be happening. Here are some player videos from the last Friday Night Fights:


So, that brings me up to date with my current work, which is extending the death and damage tracking system for stats and achievements. Back before the website debacle, I was working on achievements and it became apparent that I was not tracking enough information about the game to create truly fun and creative achievements. So I am fixing that. This will also allow me to award role type specific xp to players, which will be used to unlock more advanced and special parts that better fit how you have been playing. Example:

If you at constantly destroying parts and MAV’s from across the map, you will level up as a sniper, eventually unlocking sniper parts that you won’t earn through normal account leveling.

The current ‘completely made up but sounds good enough’ guide I am using is that I want you to unlock, on average, 5 parts per account level, and 1-2 special parts per role type level.

This gives a ROUGH guide of (5 x 100 levels) 500 parts, plus (1.5 parts x 100 roletype levels x 6 role types) equals 1,400 parts. There are currently 325 parts in the game. Having close to 5 times as many parts as there are in the game means there will be a LOT of work on the garage UI, as even at this level part selection is not the most fun thing in the world.

But that is a different week!

I have added the ability for me to track several things, including:

  • The weapon that fired the shot
    • This includes ALL the data related to the weapon, including base damage, range, etc.
  • The Type of damage done (Normal, Area, Fire)
  • Everything about the person that fired the shot
  • Was it the first or last bullet
  • How far did the shot travel
  • Did this shot destroy the part
  • Did this shot destroy the MAV

With this amount of data it makes it pretty easy to come up with even complicated achievements, like “Destroy 5 MAVs, with a sniper rifle, without destroying the cockpit or Chassis”. I would call that one ‘Eagle Eye’ ­čÖé

Now that the tracking is in-place I will be hooking it all in to the account profile systems and start tracking individual role type levels.

Thats it for this week! See you next time!

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