State of the Game #189: It lives; It Dies

Well, this has been quite the week! I have made great progress on making all the new UI’s functional. I started with the main ‘hub’ menu and have moved to the profile and the quickplay menus. The profile menu is fully functional, minus 2 features [the deployment graph, as those stats don’t exist, and the medals, as they don’t exist, yet]. The quick launch menu has been a bit slower going.

I had to make some design changes to better accommodate the functionality that I wanted. One of the issues that was pointed out was the fact that the server list was actually limited in the total number. I also had very limited options for expanding the UI with additional elements, considering that the server list was a floating UI element. To address this I added a background to the server list, which also allowed me to make the list scroll-able. This also gives me a great location to house all the custom game options for customizing a game before launching.

The game settings tab will allow you to setup the game mode, the time, kill limit, etc., as well as give you options for assigning AI bots to teams, setting their role, and even their difficulty. All these options will be extended to multiplayer as well.

Now, for the reason why I don’t have a screen shot of all this awesomeness I am talking. I have been having some PC issues ever since a windows update last Thursday. I have been getting BSOD randomly, with increased frequency when using the graphics card [like when making a game :/ ]. I have traced my issue to the graphics card, I believe and am looking to get it fixed / replaced. For now I have just been having to save a whole lot while I work! I am experiencing a crash/reboot about once every 30 mins, so it has made things a little slower going.

Well, that is all for this week!

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  1. Do you still have some of the Kickstarter funds? I don’t think anybody would be upset with you dropping a couple hundred on computer upgrades- a good solid computer’s kinda integral to making a video game, after all.

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      It’s covered under warranty. I am cheap, no sense in wasting money when it’s getting replaced for free.

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