State of the Game #21: Editor Cleanup

I have an updated build as promised for today.

Grab version 0.2.6 here!


+Part Naming system
+Part Filtering system
+Part Database for performance

* Fixed issues with Mech stats not updating
* Fixed one instance of the Mech validation bug (Still happens rarely. Still tracking it)

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This week I was focused on making the editor experience better. With the much higher part count I found trying to find and compare parts became very difficult. It was also very slow having to navigate everything 1 part at a time.

So I added a part filtering system. This will allow you to filter down the parts based on some search criteria. This makes finding the parts you want MUCH faster. This also required implementing a part database to allow the searching. Eventually you will be able to search, filter, and compare on all the stats of a part, but right now I just have some basic parts stats (weight, health, part type, and part name) and basic weapon stats (damage and range)

The next big update went into the part system in the form of proper naming of all the part variations. The naming system is an extension of the same toolset that builds the stats of the parts. Each component has a set of rules that add, remove, and contribute to the name in different ways. I also added in a name override feature, so custom special names can be added. There are two instances of this in the build now (‘Hellfury’ and ‘le Sabre’, and yes I am terrible at naming things).

I have also been working on a complete rework of the part selection UI. Right now the menu is very slow and viewing the parts one at a time don’t allow for a proper comparison. I have a new menu that uses a grid layout, so you can compare 8 parts at once and scroll through them 4 at a time. It was sadly not quite ready for the build today, but it will be in soon.

Looking forward to the next week, I will be moving my focus into fixing AI issues and making them more of a threat to the player.


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