State of the Game #228: Small fixes incoming

Short and sweet this week!

I have been working on the biggest issues from the last snapshot, along with a few nice to have features. As soon as it’s done, it will go out as a new snapshot build.

Currently fixed:
-Top half of MAV’s can be left behind

-Achievements don’t unlock [yes, someone hit level 100 already]

-Rank is displayed in multiplayer now [AI shows the rank they generated as well]

-Removed the non-functional ‘Medals’ tab from the profile menu

Working on:

-Alpha-2 silver camo is not unlocked for some steam users, even though they had it in past builds

– Some unlock conditions for parts don’t seem to trigger


And I may sneak in a secret or two. Maybe 🙂


Thanks all for this week! See you in game!

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