State of the Game #233: Back to Work!

So, after a week long ‘break’  I am back at the development. I have been targeting some of the biggest issues the community has brought up and first up was the in game leaderboard.

Currently there is no way to check your score mid-match without dying. That seems a bit silly, so I fixed it. While I was at that, I noticed the way the scores were displayed were not super intuitive. So I fixed that! In arena mode, scores will be grouped by team, with the winning team on top. Each players name will be color coded to the team they are on as well. Within the  ‘team blocks’ each player will be sorted based on their contributions to the team score. This has already helped a TON with play ability and transparency when playing matches.

I do have a bit of a different plan for siege mode. Siege mode is a mode that is centered around limited information and using teamwork to find and share the information you do have. However, I do think there is some room to have a bit more information. I am working on the design for this right now, but don’t have much to show yet.

I know this is a short state of the game, but I only had ~2 days this week to contribute to MAV. Next week will be a full, ‘normal’, week, I promise 🙂

See you then!

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  1. For siege I’d say only update the info on those who are within your network area. So if someone dies outside of the network area you won’t know about it via the score menu until your network overlaps their death spot.

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