State of the Game #234: Community Updates

Hey everyone! It’s been a fun week this week!

So a few weeks ago I mentioned the phrase “Community comes first“, and I meant it. It’s time to start delivering on that promise!

I have started hosting ‘Weekly Discussion‘ threads to help get the community active and participating in helping shape the future of the game.

The social links in the actual game have been helping drive players to find our community pockets and getting them to join.

I have also been making a better effort to highlight user created videos. If you haven’t seen the user series ‘One Shots‘ I highly recommend it!

If you are a content creator, please share your creations with me! You can tweet me, message me on facebook, email me, or just post it to reddit!

To help you with your content creation and discussions, I am committing to releasing 1 update, per month! These updates will be staggered in size between content updates, minor updates, and major updates. Major updates are approximately the same size as the beta update and will be happening twice per year!

This schedule will go into effect starting in late August!

Given the new update schedule, it’s really important you participate in the weekly discussions! I have created a topic tag to help you quickly find all future threads as well.

State of the Games will be changing ever so slightly as well. They will still come once a week, but I am going to be a little less strict with them being posted on Wednesdays. Sometimes I have wanted to post on Monday or Tuesday, but held back because of tradition, and conversely, I have cut State of the Games woefully short due to sickness or other reasons instead of just posting a day or 2 later.

The content will also be less focused on specific progress of MAV and will start looking at the ideas and process of indie game development in general. I feel this provides much more entertaining content and could actually be helpful to some people out there in the big internets.

If you don’t like these changes, please tell me about it in the comments!

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  1. Thanks for the Shoutout, Cyber! I actually just checked my page- a big jump in views on the Oneshots.

    Looking forward to the new format as well, gonna get right into the Engineer Discussion thread.

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