State of the Game #246: The October content update is here!

I promised monthly updates, so here I am to deliver!

Let me start by introducing you to ‘Ivan’.

With the introduction of Bertha it was imperative that the rebels come up with a counter. Created from some destroyed Bertha’s and a hollowed out cabin of an outdated MAV cockpit model, they were able to create ‘Ivan’. With performance stats similar to Bertha, the rebels stood a fighting chance!

Seeing the arms race taking place, Wilson munitions seized the opportunity to increase their market share by deploying out a new line of heavy rockets as well!

With all this firepower flying around, there was bound to be collateral damage.

And this is just the start!

In addition to the parts shown above, there are a few more I want you to discover on your own. There has been a large increase in the number of deployable parts, making the Engineer role a much more viable role to fill.

Along with these part changes, there has been an update to all the destructible buildings in the game. When buildings explode, they will do damage to anything around them. Small, concrete buildings will barley even be felt. Standing next to an exploding 100ft tall gas tank? That’s going to hurt, a lot.

In addition to doing damage, some buildings will leave a burning residue on the ground as well. This fire will spread to your MAV if you stand in it and will continue to do damage the whole time you are in it. It’s not a lot of damage, but it can turn the tide of the battle if you are not careful! Proper kill and damage credit is given if you destroy a building which then destroys another MAV. This counts for chain reactions as well!

Speaking of doing damage on when exploding, mines have been given an explosion effect when you shoot them. They will also do damage to the surrounding area, though not nearly as much as if they were triggered normally.

Getting into the smaller tweaks, there have been a few balance changes:

-Turning rates have been increased on all biped, reverse joint, hover, and wheel chassis. The final amount depends the the chassis variation.

-The uplink deployable item has been increased in size by 2X and had its durability reduced from 350 to 120

– Machine guns have been given a slight rate of fire reduction. HD versions have also been given a small boost to recoil and a larger rate of fire reduction from 370 shots per minute to 190 shots per minute. ย This makes the time to kill a full health base with 4 MINI-HD’s go from ~1 minute to ~2 minutes.

-Cannons have received a large increase in damage. They are now the highest damage weapon in the game. They have also received a 4X increase in the projectile size, with new FX to match. For balance, the fire rate has decreased significantly and the projectile speed was reduced slightly. They are a very high skill, high reward weapon.

-The high angle weapons have had a complete rework of the projectile physics. Before, projectiles could land hundreds of meters off from the listed range. They will now land within ~10 meters, every time. This has significantly changed the ‘feel’ of howitzers and rockets.

-All Wheel chassis have been given a significant boost to energy generation

-Turret deploys have had energy requirements increased, along with a re-balance on weights. Deployment cool down timers have generally increased as well.


And for the fun bug fixes!

  • Fixed multiplayer ‘barrel clearing’: This bug affected the shot velocity of the first shot of every weapon in multiplayer only. Now every shot will behave the same.
  • Fixed crash bug when taking fire damage: When taking fire damage [or other very rapid damage] the health UI could enter an infinite race condition resulting in a hard crash or lockup.
  • Fixed health UI not showing temporary damage bars when taking fire damage : Before when taking fire damage the health percentage would decrease, but the bar would stay static.
  • Loading a MAV with locked parts will now result in an invalid build
  • Failed build UI icon will now contain a tooltip showing all reasons for a MAV build to be failing.


Known issues:

  • In extreme cases, the flight path of rockets and howitzer rounds is… unexpected.

Enjoy the new content!


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  1. ermmm….yeah….my brain just went on overdrive and I can not think strait so many parts so little time…not sure if I will sleep again for a week or 5… what an update…sure this isn’t like Christmas already…feels like it! have to one up sergedavid and say 12 out of 10!

    1. Post

      I kept seeing your cannon build posts and it was SO hard to not say something. I am NOT looking forward to facing you in cannons again ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Now can we get melee weapons and free camera/replays so we can start on the M.A.V. Chromehounds opening?

    And those heavy single shot rockets are so totally going to be taking place of the heat seekers used in the opening scene.

  3. As nice as everything in the update is, you wouldn’t believe how happy I was when I read this following bit alone.

    “Fixed crash bug when taking fire damage: When taking fire damage [or other very rapid damage] the health UI could enter an infinite race condition resulting in a hard crash or lockup. ”

    Thank you so god damn much, it’s about time.

    1. Post

      That one took so much time to track down, as it’s very specific to environmental conditions. I was testing the building fires when I was able to replicate it in the code debugging, which lead to the fix. I do hope it solves your issues!

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