State of the Game #266: A Face Lift!

Did you notice anything different on the site today?

That’s right, the website is getting some nice polishing touches through out. It started with a better experience when creating an account, has migrated to a completely new homepage, and will likely be touching the entire site before I am done.

As exciting as web development can be, something more interesting has happened this week.

It seems some players have uncovered some hidden symbols inside the game and are trying to figure out exactly what they mean. If you have any ideas, I am sure they would be glad to hear them!

In case you missed this past weeks Sunday Funday, I highly suggest watching the stream!
Watch live video from Bombdogstudios on

There were quite a few very intense and fun games, as well as a community photo shoot for the new home page!

Don’t forget to stop by on Sundays at 1pm CST to watch and play with us live!

That’s all for this week!

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