State of the Game #273: Full Throttle Ahead!

Wow, these weeks just keep coming faster and faster! I suppose that’s a good thing, but it gets hard to keep up all the time!

Hey, did you know M.A.V. had a Kickstarter? It totally did!¬†Well, it’s time to start cashing in some of those long awaited backer rewards! I have sent messages to all backers that are eligible to name a part in the game. If you feel you got this reward, but did not receive a Kickstarter message about it, please let me know!

For development this week, I have been ripping code out left and right, hunting for the “9FPS” bug. I have been able to catch it in the profiler several times, but each time it delivers very different results to me. I have been working on a trace back to the first time we saw this build and tracing it to code and content changes as well. I am very dedicated to solving this issue and bringing higher frame rates to all while I do it!

There will be plenty more going into the April build as well, but you know how I hate to ruin a surprise!

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