State of the Game #31 : Procedural Levels

Welcome to the weekly State of the game! This week marks the release of version 0.3.4 and it has an exciting new feature! Can you guess what it is?

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Procedural levels!

Wait, what is that?

Procedural levels are what is going to allow you to play many playthoughs of M.A.V. and still have a new experience each and every time.

Right now, the new levels are implemented in Arena Mode only, so go check them out. Every time you deploy on a new Arena mission, a complete new level is created just for you. Sometimes it will be rugged mountain terrain, other times it will be rolling hills. It is up to you to adapt and battle it out with the AI.

Now, this is just a first pass on the system, so the levels are not that complex. Aside from the terrain, you will find 4 other generated items (not including the Ai’s). There will be trees, some rocks, some handy oil tanks, and super helpful repair stations.  In the future, the level spawning will become much more complex to create many different environments (like deserts, snowy mountains, forests, ect.).

This system is the start of having everything in place to move on to the ‘World’ map. At that point work will move toward implementing all the persistent game features (and really the core of the game) like inventory, the store, wingman AIs, base building.  Things are moving along nicely and it is very exciting!

I hope you enjoy the new levels and are excited to see the potential of the system. Let me know what types of levels are your favorite and what environments you want to fight your M.A.V. in! (Personally I would LOVE a mountain level, during heavy rain, AT NIGHT! Imagine all the tracer flares and the thunder in the background)

P.S. I promise you a video of the system.

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