State of the Game #54 : Lot of bug fixes, Shotgun tweaks

Hey everyone, this week I focused a lot of effort on tracking down bugs that made certain actions really annoying. With that, I present, version 0.4.9! As usual go and get the latest version from your user page.

I addition to the bug fixes, I have been hard at work on the updated art style, which will be launching in the form of a brand new level. I just wanted to point out that through the alpha release program I was able to get quite a lot of level assets to really make the level much better then I could have done on my own. This is 100% possible through the countinued support of the alpha members. Thanks to all the alpha members that made this posible!

Here is the change list for this week :


+ Updated Siege mode to add money to full team when any play earns money
+ Added proper Stats display on End of Round in Siege mode

* Fixed Server not correctly loading preferences on the first round
* Fixed the Visible Map on first loading a level
* Fixed Overhead map not displaying of the first button press
* Fixed Sever UI not displaying long server names correctly
* Fixed Health Icons not being removed on death


* Lowered Base Shotgun damage
* Increased Base Shotgun number of projectiles from 6 to 10
* Increased Base Shotgun ammo
* Increased Base Shotgun Impact force


+ Added collision to the Garage floor, invaliding any builds that penetrate the floor

* Fixed Part Icons staying on screen when removing a part
* Fixed random M.A.V.’s spawning over your M.A.V. in multiplayer


* Optimized the Login process

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