State of the Game #65: Options and Controls

Welcome back and go get version 0.5.6 from your user page!

I have been hard at work polishing a lot of the game features on the backend and it lead me down a path that is requiring a lot of front end work as well.

So, without further delay, I will jump right into this week’s changes.

Custom Controls

In this build I have added a fully customizable control system. In the options menu you can access the controls settings allowing you to define any custom controls you want. Each input can accept a primary and a secondary control, so you don’t have to worry about switching if you want to play with a joystick. The default secondary controls are setup for the Xbox 360 controller.

Video Options

With the removal of the default startup screen I have included a Video Options menu as well. Currently this just exposes a resolution and graphics setting option, but I plan to allow more fine tuned controls in the future.

Change list :

+ Added New UI Art assets to Main Menu
+ Added Menu Music
+ Added Video Options Menu
+ Added Control Options Menu
+ Fixed Performance leak in the Editor

– Removed Unity Default Start Dialog

* Fixed possible crash error with overlapping attachpoints
* Fixed Turret Spawning in Siege mode
* Optimized collision to increase performance
I also got a large amount of work done on the new deployment system (as seen last week), but it was not quite in a stat that I wanted to release it yet. I will continue to work on it and plan on having it ready for next week.

I also spent some time looking into an automatic build system to make the deployment of new builds much easier, but it is still a work in progress as well.

Well, that is all for this week, so go play and I will see you next week!

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