State of the Game #67: Snapshot Updates

Welcome back to the first week of snapshot updates! So how did it go?

Glad you asked! This week I put out 2 snapshots, 0.5.7_1 and 0.5.7_2.  The _1 bug was a bug fixing build and _2 added in 3 new parts and a new building deployment system. If you want to follow along with the development, check it out on the message board.

So what is planned for this week?

This week I plan on tackling the multiplayer modes. I want to hone in the design a bit more and polish the experience. Right now I think they are still a bit too ‘alpha’ feeling and I want to move them into a more final stage.

I will likely run a couple experiments before I get it completely nailed down, but here are some of the changes I want to implement.

Kill limit in Arena Mode

I want to put in a kill limit and time limit to Arena mode and open it up to multiplayer. This will be the ‘de-facto’ deathmatch mode.

No Garage during a match

I want to try not allowing going back into the garage during gameplay. You would deploy into a match with 3-4 pre-saved builds that you can choose from, but no actual changing of the MAV in game. This is to help keep the pace of the matches up.

No more Join in Progress

I don’t think the matches can be competitive if you allow people to hop in during the middle of a game. I want to allow people to join the server, but they would be in a sort of Spectator mode until the next match deployed.


These are the key elements I want to be testing while I add the polish to the experience. All the tests will be carried out in the snapshot builds, so if you want to participate, make sure you have the snapshots enabled!

Until next week!


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