State of the Game #69: Stabilizing the Snapshots

This week I have been hard at work tracking down and fixing all the reported bugs in the snapshot builds.

If you have not been keeping up with the snapshot builds, in the latest snapshot 0.5.7_3 I released the multiplayer arena mode. This turned arena mode into a proper gamemode, with a kill limit, respawn timer, and leader boards, as well as allowing players to host their own multiplayer arena mode games. This a bit more action heavy then siege mode, so it’s great to pop into and blow some stuff up!

As I mentioned though, before I can push out version 0.5.8, I want to create as stable of a release as possible, so I am now hunting down all the user reported bugs and wiping them out. Once the snapshot is cleared to an acceptable level, I will push it out as a stable release. This is likely to happen this week.

Looking into the future, the next big task is a re-vamp of the way the garage works. I feel, that while the drag and drop building is VASTLY superior to the old system I had, it can still be very difficult to create more complicated builds. Because of this, and the importance that a nice building interface has, I will be focusing the next release cycle on improving the Garage experience. This will include a new drag and drop system, a UI re-design, the ability to save out multiple MAV’s and load them, and I will even try to get part coloring in.

Well, that about sums it up for this week. If you have any feedback for what you want to see in the garage update, I would love to hear about it!

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